Austria: Mistakes were made in dealing with an Islamic terrorist in Vienna.

Austria:  Mistakes were made in dealing with an Islamic terrorist in Vienna.

Austria: Mistakes were made in dealing with an Islamic terrorist in Vienna.
Big mistakes! Let’s start with the most glaring:

1. Austrian officials say that the terrorist (with Albanian roots) was a dual citizen of Austria and North Macedonia and “hoodwinked the justice system’s deradicalization program” after his release.
The deradicalization program? What is this nonsense; one thought only Sweden had such delusions?
In August 2018, the terrorist tried to travel to Afghanistan to attempt to join ISIS, but was turned back because he had no visa. In September of the same year, he traveled to Turkey in hopes of getting to Syria to join the extremist group, but was detained and held for months by Turkey before being returned to Austria in January 2019, where he was arrested at the airport. He was then given early release in December

🤔 Unlike the weak EU, Turkey and Afghanistan have no problems returning illegals to where they came from.

* This was pure negligence on the part of Kurz’s new regime. One does not ‘deradicalize’ young aggressive male followers of ISIS…but he was released apparently for his ‘young age’.
Fourteen people associated with the terrorist were detained for questioning. The interior minister Karl Nehammer (who should have resigned) said the ages range from 18 to 28 and all have immigrant roots.

Yet, they released a man who fit this very demographic description and had tried to join ISIS earlier (twice) because of his young age? Wow!
Kurz brought down his coalition with the FPO over a staged video, but has done nothing to take responsibility (firing Nehammer) for something far worse.

2. Slovak intelligence informed Austria in July (yes July) that the terrorist was trying to buy ammunition, and “something apparently went wrong with the communication in the next steps,” Nehammer said.

To make everybody feel good, Nehammer said that he would propose that an independent panel to be set up to examine “where things happened that shouldn’t have happened.”
Police in Slovakia said they received information during the summer about “suspected persons from Austria” trying to buy ammunition.
“They failed to make the purchase,” they said. “We immediately sent the information to our Austrian colleagues.”

Austrian public security director Franz Ruf said Austrian intelligence officials received the information and asked questions of their Slovak counterparts but it’s unclear “whether the process went optimally.”

** Obviously it did not. What more does one need to know regarding an ISIS extremist who was trying to buy ammunition in Slovakia? 💡🤷‍♂️

Austrian officials dropped the ball; closing radical Muslim Brotherhood mosques is a must, but why did Kurz and Neehammer wait until after a terrorist attack?

Kurz likes to play the part of a tough guy for Austrians, but he lacks the substance to take a stand when it is critically needed. This is the guy that plays the anti-migration card for elections, but was quick to attack Viktor Orban (article seven) and failed to support Salvini in Italy. He likes to hide behind Manfred Weber and other CSU-EPP charlatans.

*** Some leaders like Orban have conviction, while others like Kurz have pure ambition.
Nothing wrong with being ambitious…as long as it does not interfere with taking tough action.