Austria to move tanks and troops to the border to stop migrants from Italy

Austria to move tanks and troops to the border to stop migrants from Italy

* Austria moves in tanks to seal border with Italy to prevent migrants from moving north. The V4 continues to defy the EU on migrant quotas. The Battle for Europe is intensifying.

– The V4 Report – witnessing the negligence of open entry in Italy – has long viewed this as a must to push the leaders of Italy to deny entry to the migrants pouring in from Africa. We also believe the V4’s refusal to accept migrant quotas from Brussels has played a key role in persuading Italy to reconsider their open-border policy. However, we still remain skeptical that Angela Merkel and Brussels will not somehow try to thwart these efforts. In addition, the left-wing government in Italy is weak and currently trying to persuade others in Europe to take-in the migrants.

– “We are ready to protect our Brenner border if necessary,” said Sebastian Kurz, the Austrian foreign minister. The 750 soldiers could be rushed to the border within 72 hours if there was a migration emergency, officials said. With France and Switzerland closing their borders to migrants since last year, the migrants in Italy have nowhere to go. The Italian people will not tolerate the consequences of their government’s actions much longer. This is a good example of how the nation states can influence the policies of others without the interference of Brussels.

– Yet, we have our doubts about the staying power of the government in Austria led by liberal Christian Kern (SPO), who has been easily “broken” by Brussels in the past. Despite the media’s attempt to demonize them, we believe the Freedom Party (FPO) must play a key role in the next government to solidify the role Austria can play in securing the internal border to keep pressure on Italy. Sebastian Kurz (OVP) sounds solid and will likely lead the next government, but he must realize a coalition with the FPO, and not the old guard SPO, would better serve his migration declarations. This could be the first test of Kurz’s credibility.

– We suspect the leaders of the EU and Italy, while trying to sound as if they are trying to limit the inflow of migrants, will work behind close doors to try their upmost to “expand and enlarge” the EU’s relocation scheme to include migrants from Nigeria and other nations in Africa. Despite their talk, we believe the EU’s main solution is not to seal the border, but to instead create “secure pathways” for the migrants to enter and a permanent mechanism to relocate them across Europe. Open borders and multiculturalism is the altar at which they worship.

In the coming months, we believe this epic battle between the powers of Brussels, who desire open borders, and the forces of the nation states, who want the borders sealed and the migrants sent back, is moving towards a head-on clash.

As in sport, the one with the greatest will, belief and determination will often prevail. Onward V4, stay strong and united! The bell has been rung.