Austria: The brutal murder of a 13-year-old girl by an illegal Afghan has shocked the nation.

Austria:  The brutal murder of a 13-year-old girl by an illegal Afghan has shocked the nation.
Austria: The brutal murder of a 13-year-old girl by an illegal Afghan has shocked the nation.
PM Sebastian Kurz likes to give the image that he is tough on migration, but does he walk his talk? What will change since Austria submitted to Germany in 2015 and was flooded with aggressive males from alien cultures?
 Shockingly, there are some in Austria with such twisted logic that they have called to end deportations to Afghanistan after this tragedy.
This is hard to comprehend in light of just what happened. In fact, we believe the deportations to Afghanistan must be prioritized, accelerated and more meaningful. Kurz has not done enough.
Sebastian Kurz has rightly rejected this call and says Austria will keep deporting Afghans, but he cannot escape his responsibility either with just another scripted press conference.
Kurz has been the Chancellor of Austria for some time now and the Afghan charged should not have been roaming the streets of Austria. He had a very violent history and was well-known to police.
Moreover, the other Afghan suspect in the murder was in the process of asylum…not deportation.
Kurz, a typical EPP opportunist, likes to employ neocon-like propaganda, giving the impression that Austria deports Afghans in large numbers.
In our opinion, based on the numbers, this is highly misleading, unless one employs a very low bar to measure success.
Between 2015-2020, 47,000 Afghans applied for asylum. That’s 47,000.
Yet, between January-October 2019, only 235 Afghans were deported. Only 235! In the year 2020, this number was near zero under the lame EU COVID excuse, which should not have any bearings on deportations.
Kurz may be young, but he’s been heavily involved in the ruling governments of Austria since 2013.
Kurz has served as Chancellor of Austria since January 2020, a position he also previously held from December 2017 to May 2019.
Kurz was also the Minister of Foreign Affairs from December 2013 – December 2017 during the height of the invasion.
Certainly, he is not entirely to blame, but neither is he what he pretends to be.
Given the heavy flows of Afghans to Austria during his tenure in government, Kurz has to deport more than 235 Afghans over two years (we do not have 2021 numbers yet) to be taken seriously.
For now, he’s just another typical EPP fraud when it comes to migration…big talk with little action and dismal results. He also puts too much emphasis on Frontex, which is part of the problem. Moreover, when Salvini was fighting the good fight in 2019 with the port closures, Kurz refused to support him, instead choosing to hide behind the EPP Party, which helped to blackball Salvini at that time.
As for his positives, the V4 Report admires and respects his tough, no-nonsense approach to Turkey.
Just don’t expect much from him beyond his self-promotional campaigns.