Austria: Where are you headed?

Austria:  Where are you headed?

August 6, 2017

* Austria: Where are you headed? What does the future hold for the picturesque nation with such pristine villages, awesome thunderstorms and refreshing lakes?

** The article published by in Czech has been translated to English.

– The old-world notion of Austria with the mountains and the Catholic churches no longer holds true. The number of Muslims in Austria is growing rapidly, according to the Austrian server. There are about 700,000.

– Since the last poll in 2001, the number of Muslims has doubled, accounting for 8% of the population, according to a survey by the Vienna Institute of Demography. About 64% of Austrians now report to Roman Catholicism, and they are declining.

– If the migration to Austria ceased, there would be less than half of Catholics in 2046 and Muslims about 12%, according to the study. If strong migration from Africa and the Middle East were to continue, 21% of Muslim believers would be in Austria. In Vienna, it would be almost 33% of the population.

– In Vienna, there are major problems with the Islamic kindergartens, which are attended by about ten thousand children. Their parents, according to many politicians, are sending a signal that they are not worth integration into the majority society.

– Our take: Austrians have a clear choice this fall, and so does Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz, who will most likely be the next Chancellor of Austria. The numbers are staggering and the situation is already critical. If the mass migration continues, Austrians may find themselves trapped and engulfed in a vicious cultural war that will tear their nation apart…..similar to what one sees in the streets of France, Belgium, Germany and Sweden.

– The current Chancellor, Christian Kern, and his SPO Party fully embraced Angela Merkel’s and the EU’s “solidarity” on open-borders, mass Muslim migration and multiculturalism. They were flooded and Austrians are now realizing the consequences. While Viktor Orban answered the bell and stood up to defend his people, Chancellor Kern chose to remain “on his knees” and surrendered to the demands of Brussels and Berlin. Things must change.

– Our outlook remains positive towards Sebastian Kurz, despite some questioning his sincerity. We understand the concerns, but believe Kurz would work well with the leaders of the V4 in regards to securing the borders, rejecting the EU relocation scheme and deporting the migrants “outside of Europe”.

– The critical question for Kurz: Who will he choose as his partner in the next government to help him accomplish his stated goals? Kurz would lose much credibility and leverage if he chose the SPO and not the Freedom Party (FPO). We consider this highly unlikely. In the end, whether they like it or not, Sebastian Kurz and the FPO will need to work together to stop the alarming trends in Austria.

– The V4 Report believes Austrians will shock Angela Merkel and her allies in the media this fall. A Kurz-FPO government would be a “game-changer” in Europe, strengthening the positions of the V4 and opening the door for more CEE nations states to join their cause. We are starting to feel the Winds of Change emerging from Central Europe.

Austria, where are you headed and what will be your future?

Onward V4! Stay strong and united.