Balkan Gangs Now Leading Global Smugglers.

Balkan Gangs Now Leading Global Smugglers.

Balkan Gangs Now Leading Global Smugglers.


* Is accession really wise?  Will it bring more security and control to the Balkans or will the problems associated with the Balkans spill over into the EU?  Will free movement from the western Balkans just add to the misery of multicult?


– Organised crime groups from the Western Balkans have become key players in various areas of smuggling in Western Europe, Latin America and South Africa, shows a new report by the Global Initiative Against Transnational Organized Crime, a non-profit Swiss-based network of prominent law enforcement, governance and development practitioners.


The report, published on Friday, titled Transnational Tentacles – Global Hotspots of Balkan Organized Crime, analyses data on criminal activities by groups from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Serbia.


– Regarding Western Europe, the report focuses mostly on Italy, Spain, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic. 


A few examples:


  1. A significant entry point for drugs is Italy’s east coast.  “Albanians in Italy who are importing drugs along the coast of Puglia have a double advantage: they have links to their compatriots at the source of supply, and with groups in Albania that can facilitate distribution,” the report observes.


  1. The Albanian mafia is meanwhile active in the Netherlands, where their business has evolved from focusing on human trafficking and smuggling migrants to the drugs trade.


  1. The coasts of Spain are also important arenas for Western Balkan organised crime groups, according to the report, which says the port of Valencia is a key hub for groups from Serbia and Montenegro.


  1. The Czech Republic also is a notable base for organised crime business from the Balkans and the report names Darko Saric, Andrija Draskovic, Milan Narancic “Lemon”, Ismet Osmani and Qazim Osmani, and Borislav Plavsic, as underworld Balkan figures that either have or had companies registered there.


** Not sure if this is being debated, but given the demographics, the mafia cartels and surplus of illegals roaming the Balkans, there needs to be more of a debate.


It seems there is a lot of cleaning-up to do.  Better think twice.