The Battle for Europe: Viktor Orban and the V4 nations vs the leaders (not people) of Italy and their “unelected” Premier Paolo Gentiloni.

The Battle for Europe:  Viktor Orban and the V4 nations vs the leaders (not people) of Italy and their “unelected” Premier Paolo Gentiloni.

July 24, 2017

The Battle for Europe: Viktor Orban and the V4 nations vs the leaders (not people) of Italy and their “unelected” Premier Paolo Gentiloni. Somehow, we knew it would come down to this.

– The International Organization for Migration (IOM) said Friday that 93,369 asylum seekers arrived in Italy via the sea as of July 19 this year. This represents a shocking 85% of the total of 111,514 for the whole of Europe. Very few of the migrants are from Syria or Libya; the majority arrive from Nigeria, Bangladesh, Guinea and other parts of Africa. The overwhelming majority are young men.

– Hungarian Premier Viktor Orban says Italy should “close the ports” to stop the flow of migrants from the Mediterranean and that the problem must be solved in Libya. Orban said that the four leaders of the Visegrad group, which also includes the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland, have written a letter to this effect to Italian Premier Paolo Gentiloni.

– Premier Paolo Gentiloni, who is a member of the far-left Party of European Socialists (PES), responded angrily that Italy would not take lessons from the V4 or its EU partners on migration. “We have the right to demand solidarity from our neighbours, countries with whom we share the European project,” Gentiloni said in Turin. “We don’t accept lessons, nor threatening words. We limit ourselves to serenely saying that we do our duty and we demand that Europe does it without giving dubious lessons”. Gentiloni may becoming “unglued” over his impotency on the issue.

– The V4 Report has made it clear were we stand through the many reports not only on these pages, but also the numerous articles written on this subject at in the last 22 months. We will repost some of these shortly, however we would remind the PM of Italy that there was never any European solidarity for open borders, mass Muslim migration or rabid multiculturalism. This is a pure myth manufactured as an “EU slogan” and exported from Germany to serve the purposes of Angela Merkel. It appears “propaganda” has now been added to the list of inferior foods and products Western Europe is sending the V4 nations.

– Moreover, we find it surprising that Gentiloni, who was not even elected by the Italian people, would demand that other nations accept “his vision” for their futures. This may be the dream of a universal “socialist”, but this is not how it works in the lands of Visegrad. Unlike the PM of Italy, the V4 leaders will not expose their citizens to the multicult experiments being conducted on the people of Italy and Western Europe. The V4 will not tolerate the “No-Go-Zones” or the various types of attacks one sees in France, Belgium, Germany and Sweden.

– Yes, Mr. Gentiloni, the leaders of the V4 have a moral duty – not to some vague and shallow EU Project – but to their own people; and they will fight to defend their culture, traditions and way of life from the those in Brussels who seek to bury it.

– Before Mr. Gentiloni attempts to force his “socialist manifesto” on others, we suggest his highness first allow the Italian people to vote on his vision for Italy. Is there a reason why Gentiloni does not have the confidence to call for new elections to confirm his “open-border project” for Italy? Gentiloni consults with Soros and the NGOs, but when do Italians get to speak?

– Speaking of duties, the V4 nations, unlike Angela Merkel or the leaders of Western Europe, have sent their police to help others secure Europe’s southern border. This has protected all Europeans, especially Germans, from aggressive male migrants roaming Europe. The V4 implemented and paid for these crucial operations, not the EU.

– The V4 has also offered to send troops to help Italy secure the border and to send the migrants back to Africa; however, the leaders of Italy refused this “solidarity” at the border.

– Given the negligent choices that Gentiloni has made, the V4 and other nation states have the responsibility to take the appropriate measures to seal the borders with Italy to prevent the migrants from moving on. It did not have to be this way, but the actions of Gentiloni are forcing others to do their “duty”, not only for their people, but for Europe as well.

– The V4 chose to take the necessary actions to control events, while the leaders of Italy, unarmed of all courage, allowed the actions of the masses to control them. Is it any wonder why they sleep well at night in the lands of Visegrad?

The government of Gentiloni may refuse “lessons” from others who have presented solid solutions over the past years, but the Italian people may be ready to provide Gentiloni with their own harsh lesson of reality at the next elections.

Onward V4!