Bavarian revolt? No, Seehofer/Merkel dance again

Bavarian revolt? No, Seehofer/Merkel dance again

*Update 4-15-2016.  The original post below was Dec2015.  Some of the details are different but the point is the same: the sister party of Merkel, the CSU and their leader Seehofer, love to make noise but are not men of action. Just the opposition Merkel enjoys, token; just like the old days.  Today, out to save their own positions of power, they managed to strike another useless deal with Merkel to appear as if they are influencing her.  After all, elections are coming in 2017.  All this tough talk about laws to integrate migrants are vague and almost impossible to measure.  Please read my 3-29-2016 blog about why I believe it is all smoke and mirrors. But original article below sheds some light on the relationship of Merkel and her so-called critics/allies.

Original Post Dec.14 2015:

It’s Sunday, a day of rest.  But migrants never rest and 7,000 more “were allowed” in.  The problem is plainly evident except for those leaders in Germany.  They are meeting again at some CDU (Merkel’s party) conference.  The same thing will happen, Merkel is predictable:  She will say Germany cannot have limits but that she wants to reduce the numbers coming to Germany via the agreement with Turkey and solidarity with other EU states. Her so-called opponents in her own party will huff and puff about Germany needing limits but, in the end, will do nothing about it but confirm their support for their Queen.  It’s all rather boring, pointless and useless.  Tomorrow another 7,000 will be allowed in on the coast of Greece.

Germany and Merkel are first and foremost concerned with themselves. It is now clear that they and the powers at the EU have no intention of sealing the “external border”.  They believe they can handle a million or so migrants PER YEAR, well sort of.  The limits they talk of are not about limiting the number of migrants that can enter the EU, this is not a concern to them.  The limits they spoke of were that “Germany can take 500,000 per year”.  The numbers do not add up.  Where do the other 500,000+ go?  The missing equation is her term “solidarity with other EU members”, which means a binding and endless refugee redistribution plan which will force countries such as Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, and Poland to accept refugees they do not wish to have.  Moreover, it will force migrants to places that they do not want to be.  This is a volatile mix for sure.

The Visegrad4 nations and other CEE states will oppose this, and in the end, Germany will not be able to force their will on these countries again.  But even with a victory here, there still remain big problems for all in the EU, and that is the open border.  Visegrad4 should by all means decide how many and who comes to their country, but if the EU continues “to allow” a million+ per year to enter the EU, the chaos and danger will eventually find its way everywhere.

There is one solution and it’s not for the politically correct or UN-types, but it has worked in the past when exercised with authority by men of strength, such as Dwight Eisenhower and Tony Abbott (note: Abbott was no Eisenhower (who was) but faced with an influx of illegal immigrants he rose to the occasion).  The boats carrying the migrants and refugees must be turned back to Turkey, even with the NATO elite Greece Navy escorting it back for safety.  The migrants must not be “allowed in”, they have to be turned back, not only to send future refugees a message, but also to send Turkey and the other Arab states (most notably Saudi Arabia) a clear message:  it’s time for you to stop dumping and to start taking care of your own house.  The Gulf states are the ones who helped create the chaos in Syria and its about time they take a break from their manicures and start doing their fair share.

All it takes is a good week or two of sending back the boats and the message will be heard.  Tony Abbott did exactly this for Australia and they no longer have a problem.  Eisenhower deported a million Mexican illegals with only 750-1000 men and in rapid fashion.

The question: Does the EU, Greece, Germany, and Merkel have the courage to do so?  I am doubtful, but if they want to save Europe, they need to cease the endless and useless chatter about “values” and start sealing the border and deporting.  It is the only way!  For what type of “values” risk the security of your own people in the name of “humanity”.  And what is worth preserving if not your culture.

Good night and stay strong Visegrad4.