Belgian PM Charles Michel resigns after no-confidence motion.

Belgian PM Charles Michel resigns after no-confidence motion.

Belgian PM Charles Michel resigns after no-confidence motion.

– Belgium’s government of four years has fallen on the issue of migration after the country’s parliament rejected an appeal from the prime minister, Charles Michel, for its support of a minority administration.

The N-VA, a Flemish nationalist party, which stood its ground over migration, walked out of the government earlier this month over Michel’s signature to a UN migration pact.

On Friday, ‘EU-Macho Man’ Michel made headlines by suggesting that the Visegrad states should be removed from Schengen for resisting so-called ‘EU Solidarity’ on migration.

The poor sap. Why would Visegrad follow the path of Sweden…or Belgium for that matter?

While the leaders of Visegrád have taken the appropriate actions to protect not only their people but others in Europe, Belgium has become notorious for its No-Go-Zones and being home to the highest number of ‘citizen jihadists’ (per capita) in the EU. Some have even described the city of Molenbeek as the European capital of jihad.

While Visegrad remains strong and stable, the West EU bloc is melting down from decades of mass migration and leaders too weak to defend their culture, people and way of life.

Charles and his radical ally Guy Verhofstadt have repeatedly attacked and questioned the values of Visegrád. They should start cleaning-up their own streets before preaching the EU gospel to those who know better.

One wonders if the defiance shown by Visegrad towards the EU-UN migration agenda has awakened the citizens of Western Europe, whose leaders often blindly followed orders from Berlin and Brussels? We hope so.

Based on the past, it’s usually not wise to challenge Viktor Orban and Visegrád. One can ask Christian Kern (Austria), Martin Schulz (Germany) and Matteo Renzi (Italy) how well their ‘Orban-bashing’ campaigns fared. Maybe Emmanuel Macron will be next?

As the West EU and Med blocs continue to implode, the center of Europe appears to be shifting towards Central Europe and the Three Seas region.…/belgian-pm-charles-michel-res…