Belgium: Dozens of illegal migrants rescued off the coast.

Belgium: Dozens of illegal migrants rescued off the coast.

Belgium: Dozens of illegal migrants rescued off the coast.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again while expecting different results.

Welcome to the EU Madhouse!

– Most were of Vietnamese origin and probably seeking to reach England. The boat more than likely came from the French coast.

The illegals are everywhere and the EU is being overwhelmed even without mandatory quotas, just as Soros and others envisioned it.
Phase Two of this battle must take on a greater dimension beyond slogans of ‘fighting migration outside of the EU’…considering the illegals are already inside the EU.

If not removed, the new arrivals eventually will get free movement and voting rights…and various amnesty programs will be proposed.

Visegrad and others must first unconditionally defeat the EU’s migration pact that will commit the EU to mass migration for the long term.

The EU pact designed by Berlin and Ylva from Sweden is a non-starter.

Instead, a freeze on all migration must be the first step with the main priority focused on a permanent mechanism to deport the illegals outside of Europe.

For far too long, one has heard the bogus rhetoric about beefing up Frontex, combatting smugglers, and third-party agreements with foreign leaders that use a migration to abuse the EU.

This has failed. No party that is against mass migration can support an EU-wide pact containing relocation schemes of any variety. This codifies and normalizes the facilitation of illegal migration. It will never end.

In addition, Europe must take the primary responsibility of defending its own borders (why rely on Morocco or Erdogan of Turkey) and deporting the illegals with or without the approval of the countries of origin.

Yet, it will be difficult inside the bloc while chained to EU values.