Beware of New ideas from Greece and Merkel

Beware of New ideas from Greece and Merkel

Germany, overwhelmed, now says the economic migrants from the Balkans and Afghanistan must go home or be deported.

Greece, which for the last two years has surrendered the borders to just about anyone, now wants to establish checkpoints in Turkey to determine the real war refugees.
Then, they want to transport them to Europe in an effort to bypass the smugglers and the dangerous boat trip.

Not bad ideas, but there is a big problem here…..this is not 2014. We wish Merkel and her EU the best on deporting the economic migrants. However, we do not think this will happen; if they did not have the strength to control their border in the first place, we have no reason to do believe they will have the courage and will to do something even more difficult – to forcefully deport those already here and who do not wish to go back. The shameless international media and UN will protest once they see “Germans” hauling migrants against their will onto trains and boats back to Turkey.

We believe this is the only alternative to the continued chaos and misery, but Merkel would rather just force others to accept “migrant quotas”, which would surely result in open defiance from Visegrad and the CEE states. Would it have been easier and safer for all to have sent the economic migrants home before allowing them to roam Europe in the first place? The task of finding and deporting these migrants is a monumental and costly adventure. We remain shocked to this day that Merkel and the EU did not secure the border. One just cannot allow unknown male migrants to roam freely inside the borders without knowing who they are first. This is suicidal.

The Greece proposal may have made sense two years ago, but would be a disaster if enacted now. Greece wants to establish checkpoints in Turkey to register those eligible and transport them directly to Europe. We are not sure if Greece has been asleep, but the EU is already overburdened with refugees. The EU has no more vacancy. Two years ago, if Greece and others would have secured the borders and forcefully stopped the smugglers and illegal migrants, there would now be capacity to help those war refugees in need of protection. There would have been less tragedy at the seas as well. Then, it would have made perfect sense to establish checkpoints outside of the EU borders. However, to invite more now is the same naive thinking that created this chaos in the first place.

We have written before about the definition of insanity and trusting those who have consistently shown poor judgement over and over again. The EU needs to take a closer examination of what Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia are doing. They do not have the problems of Germany; in fact, they have order and tranquility and the thanks of their people.