Bosnia, near Croatian border: Migrants attack police.

Bosnia, near Croatian border: Migrants attack police.

Bosnia, near Croatian border: Migrants attack police.

A group of illegal migrants at the Vucjak camp near Bihac physically assaulted several police officers, after which reinforcement of the Una-Sana Canton Ministry of Interior Support Unit arrived, and the media were removed from the camp.

* How will their behavior change once their numbers grow in the EU? The situation will only get worse. However, few in Europe, especially Brussels, seem concerned about aggressive male migrants roaming the streets. It is tolerated as the “new normal”. This is both reckless and abnormal.

One grows tired of the useless proposals year after year from Berlin and Brussels. Bottom line: The V4 Report believes this is intentional and that many see this as an avenue to commit the EU to mass migration. They want to overwhelm Europe into submission.

Think about it. If the migrants are not being deported outside of Europe (and they are not), something has to give. Eventually, they will be relocated to the EU.

– The incident happened when a log truck arrived at the camp to help migrants during the cold days; however, a group of migrants decided to lay under the truck in protest because they wanted to leave the camp and move towards the border with Croatia.

When police tried to restore law and order, there was a physical assault on police officers that resulted in the two migrants being apprehended and the police threatening to use physical force.

** At some point, the border police will have to use appropriate measures (yes, force) to repel violent migrants at the border. This is not a radical concept, only common sense coupled with a desire for self-preservation.

It is Europe that must decide to either defend itself to decide its own destiny…or to meekly surrender, thus allowing outsiders to adjust its way of life.

Visegrad and many of the CEE states will fight to defend their people and culture…but they may have to do it without the heavy chains of the EU project.