Bosnia sees Covid-19 infection surge in migrants, refugees

Bosnia sees Covid-19 infection surge in migrants, refugees

Bosnia: Big rise in coronavirus infections among migrants.

Again the media is repeating the false narrative that the illegals are stuck in Bosnia. This is not the case. The illegals are not stuck but free to return home. They are illegal aliens and Croatia is a sovereign country that is attempting to prevent them from entering. This is the normal and responsible thing to do…not only for Croats but for the entire EU.

Taking a ‘journey’ does not mean automatic entry to the EU. Nor does receiving ‘protection’ guarantee success; migrants must never expect a life provided by the government. If migrants cannot support themselves, then they should return home to build a better life.
Who is giving the illegals false hopes and unrealistic expectations? Why are the benefits so rich or without time limits in some countries?

The UN and EU are making things worse by providing ‘reception centers’ for illegals who do not belong in Europe. This gives them a base to launch multiple (some over 50 times) operations to illegally enter Croatia. Thus, chaos reigns. Local health authorities harshly criticized the U.N. migration agency that is running the camps over incidents where illegals break quarantine.

“This should not have been allowed to happen,” said regional health official Nermina Cemalovic. “We are concerned about a big number of migrants who are COVID-positive, who are outside the centers and whom we cannot monitor.”

Instead of supporting illegals in Europe that do not belong in Europe, both the UN and EU (which provides the funding for the UN) must provide the logistics and funds to safely return the illegals to their countries of origin.

Anything else just confirms what many already know: the EU and UN agenda is to commit Europe to mass migration and multicult. They are obsessed with destroying the very concept of the independent European nation-state.

Slowly, Europe is being overwhelmed into submission. The new arrivals bring their own culture and attitudes. This will not end well.

V4 and CEE states need to look beyond EU budgets and inside the soul of Brussels. Is this an institution that one desires future generations to be governed by?