Britain: Top Tory rips into Brussels over its treatment of Poland.

Britain:  Top Tory rips into Brussels over its treatment of Poland.

* Britain: Top Tory rips into Brussels over its treatment of Poland.

** More fallout to the aggressive threats from the EU? Are others starting to realize the future implications of an all-powerful Brussels?

Is it wise to allow Frans Timmermans or extremists of the EU Parliament to determine the “values and culture” of one’s nation? We do not think so. We believe all the CEE and Baltic nations must defy Brussels in their attempt to utilize Article 7 as a “weapon of political warfare” (WPW) on a sovereign nation state.

– BRUSSELS risks fueling the rise of further eurocscepticism in Central Europe with its botched handling of the political situation in Poland, a top Tory MEP said.

Ashley Fox said the decision of Frans Timmermans to trigger Article 7 against Warsaw was “both misguided and counter productive”.

*** Theresa May recently visited Warsaw to meet new PM Mateusz Morawiecki. They pledged bilateral cooperation on defence after Brexit.

Mr Marawiecki said: “On economic cooperation, it is hard to find closer partners than we are. The UK is a very important trade partner for Poland. The UK is a very powerful country exporting services. It’s obvious for the UK they would like to remain a very strong player in this area.”

According to the linked article, in a boost for Downing Street, the Polish leader also signaled his country will back the UK’s request for a bespoke trade deal with the bloc and warned against “very dangerous” EU protectionism.

**** After the meeting Mr Fox said: “The European Commission’s politically motivated decision to invoke Article 7 against Poland is both misguided and counter productive.”

“The Commission must think twice, then think again, before attempting to intervene in the domestic affairs of Member States as doing so risks inflaming, rather than resolving, differences.”

“In the case of Poland, it should be taking the opportunity to build relationships with the new Prime Minister, not provoking confrontation. The rising popularity of Mateusz Marawiecki’s government shows that the Polish people do not appreciate Brussels’ interference.”

“The UK places great importance on respect for rule of law and we are clear that all our partners should abide by international standards. Indeed, Theresa May will be raising the issue of judicial independence during her visit to Poland today.”

He added: ”Mr Juncker and Mr Timmermans ought to follow her example and renew their efforts to resolve the current situation through discussion. If not, other countries will be left wondering whether they might be next on the Commission’s list.”

The Polish government reacted furiously to the decision to trigger Article 7, with a spokeswoman for the ruling PiS party blasting: “This decision has no merit, it is in our opinion solely a political decision.”

**** The EU has failed to win the hearts and minds of Central Europeans. Like the regimes of the past, they now have resorted to threats, sanctions and blackmail in an attempt to project their power and control over the European nation states.

However, this never works out well and often signals the beginning of the end for those regimes which attempt to create an unnatural “forced solidarity”.

The EU is being discredited and destroyed by the current Ministers of Brussels today. Brussels must not be permitted to use Europe as a mere “test tube” for the multicult experiments of the UN and Open Society Network.