V4 Nations: Not “populists” – but a Broad, Mainstream Resistance Defending their Way of Life

V4 Nations: Not “populists” – but a Broad, Mainstream Resistance Defending their Way of Life

The editors at the Economist magazine must be counting “populists” at night to help them fall to sleep. How else would one explain their obsession with the word and scorn for Poland and the V4 nations.  Indeed, the media has begun to spin this sad song every time someone dares challenge Angela Merkel, the EU, or multiculturalism.  It must be those xenophobic populists blaming the refugees and appealing to the “worst fears” of those who feel “left behind” and “disenfranchised” by globalism.  What a nonsense!

By attempting to attach their opponents to a meaningless, but somewhat “simpleton-sounding” term, the self-appointed enlightened avoid defining themselves.  How does one label EUCO, the UN, or Angela Merkel?  What do they stand for?  Oh yes, I forgot.  They are the Gods of solidarity, humanity, diversity, and compassion; the guardians of the infallible “European Project”.  How convenient to be able to define oneself and one’s opponent.

Dig deep and one soon finds out what and who they despise: the nation states and their borders, culture, traditions, and customs. They consider those who defend their culture and their people as racist demagogues bent on destroying their multicultural, New World Order. They are the true simpletons.

For these are not populists (whatever that means) or demagogues rising up in opposition to the EU’s failed multiculturalism, but a broad, mainstream rebellion defending their way of life from those who wish to erase their identity and to break their will.  They have had enough of “Merkel Vision” and the mass illegal migration from cultures alien, if not hostile, to their values and beliefs.

Europeans are rightly tense.  They and their families have been exposed by the leaders of the EU to unknown men from violent regions, with some bent on terrorism.  Their streets are in chaos, and there have been rampant sexual attacks by the migrants and newer immigrants.  Yet, the external border, especially in Italy, remains open; no one really knows who is entering the house of Europe.

The picture is quite clear.  Even if Merkel departs, the forces in the media, the EU, and the UN will continue to attack the nation states, attempting to force their multicultural manifesto on all. How else would one explain their recent aggressive actions to transport the migrants directly from Africa to Europe, their obsession with migrant quotas, and their refusal to secure the external borders?  The leaders of Germany and the EU are even tolerating the sexual abuse of women, all in the name of “humanity”. Brussels seems more concerned about the agenda of George Soros, rather than the security of Europeans.

The clash between those who believe in the values of the nation state, and those who wish to destroy it, is coming to a climax.  It will be an epic battle for the heart and soul of Europe that will determine her destiny and identity. There can be no free and prosperous Europe within the tangled web of the European Union.  The two are at odds with each other.

Either the EU is to be broken, or the nation state will perish.  Yes, Mr. Juncker, we are all “Visegrad Patriots” today – and we will defend our freedoms, our customs, and our culture from those of you who wish to bury it.

Game On, Onward V4!