Brussels-based ‘think tank’ claims Salvini too “macho” on migration.

Brussels-based ‘think tank’ claims Salvini too “macho” on migration.

Brussels-based ‘think tank’ claims Salvini too “macho” on migration.

Well, Angela Merkel did hand out fruit baskets.

The dubious Brussels-based ‘think tanks’ are everywhere…and multiplying like rabbits.

One called Italy a “spectator” in Europe and Salvini too “macho” regarding migration. Somehow, we don’t think the NGO traffickers and open-border hustlers would agree with this statement.

These so-called think tanks are funded and enabled by someone (usually with a hidden agenda) to tell us what to think; maybe it’s time for some of these ‘senior fellows’ to be “put out to pasture”. They pontificate nonsense.

– Some guy named Francesco Papadia, a senior fellow at a Brussels-based think tank called Bruegel, believes Matteo Salvini’s “macho” approach is in contrast with what’s actually needed to deal with migration.

Is Papadia suggesting that Salvini take advice from EU Minister Dimitris Avramopoulos, the PM of Greece or Frontex clerks? We have seen their approach to migration…and Croatia, Slovenia and Bosnia Herzegovina are now dealing with the consequences.

Maybe Papadia believes Angela Merkel, Matteo Renzi and the leaders of Greece handled it perfectly with the soft-like ‘feminist’ approach of surrendering the borders? Rumor has it that a certain “think tank” wants to hand out fruit baskets and bagels at the border. 😂 (Joking, but one gets the point.)

Piccoli added that Italy has become a “noisy spectator” in European politics. Really, a spectator? Salvini? A nice reach, but the only spectator was the ex-PM of Italy Matteo Renzi, who watched and did nothing as Italy was flooded with a wave of illegal migrants from alien cultures.

Renzi was also quite the observer when scores of unknown migrants were waived-through to others in Europe.

Meanwhile, Salvini’s bold actions to deny entry at the source not only defended Italy, but the whole of Europe. Migrant arrivals are not only down by 95% in 2019, but the expulsion rate is now 3-4 times higher than arrivals.

For all of his “spectating”, Salvini has easily outshined France’s Emmanuel Macron, who is now paralyzed in his own country and carries little respect outside of Brussels.

As for Salvini, his Lega is surging. As a result of his courageous leadership, Lega is set to become the second single-largest party in the EU chamber, according to a survey by the EU Parliament.

Moreover, Italians appreciate his work as well, as evidenced by a poll conducted by Italian newspaper La Repubblica that showed 58 percent of Italians see Salvini as the country’s leader, even though he’s just one of the deputy prime ministers. The actual prime minister, Giuseppe Conte, was only seen as the country’s leader by 16 percent of those surveyed, Reuters reported.

* Eurocrats are not the only ones feeding of the system. The “think tankers” have done quite well for themselves while getting paid (by someone) to tell others what to think.

They are not “experts” but lobbyists…and usually selling another’s agenda with some heavy spin. In Papadia’s case, he is repeating false EU slogans in an effort to stop the momentum of Salvini before the elections.

But Italians know better.