Brussels sues Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland for not accepting migrant quotas.

Brussels sues Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland for not accepting migrant quotas.

* Brussels sues Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland for not accepting migrant quotas from Greece and Italy.

** Largely due to the open defiance of Visegrad, the EU relocation plan was a complete failure with a success rate of less than 20%.

Visegrad is correct to reject the quotas based on matters of security and sovereignty. There have been numerous terrorist and other heinous attacks committed by asylum seekers. Germany is struggling with young aggressive male migrants and Islamic extremism. In addition, 11,000 blank Syrian passports have ended up in the hands of ISIS. The borders were just surrendered and nobody really knows who the migrants are. The leaders of Western Europe may choose to expose their own people to this multicult theology, but this is not how things work in the lands of Visegrad.

Milan Chovanec was the Interior Minister of the Czech Republic during this controversy. Below are a few of his statements on why it was impossible for the Czech nation to accept migrants from Greece and Italy without being able to conduct their own security checks:

“…the Greeks and Italians were not able to carry out the very detailed background investigation checks on the people that were offered to us.”

“The Italians, for example, eventually did not communicate with us.”

“Due to the Italians and Greeks, the only check we could do on these people was ask them the question whether they were terrorists. With that sort of security check on people in place, we simply could not accept them into the Czech Republic.”

The Czech Republic was ordered by the EU to accept about 2600 “refugees” from Greece and Italy but the government has so far accepted only 12 Syrian refugees. This is the reason the European Commission is bringing action against the Czech Republic and others.

Why not Slovakia, who also failed to meet the quota demand of Brussels and only received 16 refugees? Unlike the Czech Republic, EUCO claims the PM of Slovakia, Robert Fico, has offered to accept the migrant quotas in the future.

Slovakians may want to challenge Fico, who has also claimed he is still against the quotas and will find other ways to show “EU solidarity”. Obviously, EUCO received a contrasting message from Fico. This “double talk” is impossible and the EU Core will expect Slovakia to accept migrant quotas in the future.

On the other hand, the Czech government and others informed Brussels that they would not be accepting the migrant quota demands from Brussels due to security risks. While some nations such as Sweden meekly submitted to the demands of Brussels, the Czechs, Hungarians and Poles adhere to a higher standard and will not accept “refugees” that do not pass “their” security standards.

They certainly cannot depend or rely on the governments of Greece or Italy to determine who they will accept. How many unknown migrants without documents did the leaders of Greece and Italy “wave-through” to others in Europe, such as the migrant who entered Greece and eventually traveled to Germany where he raped and murdered a young woman?

In July, The V4 Report documented the solid response from Chovanec, who told EU Minister Dimitris Avramopoulos (who happens to be from Greece) that the leaders of Greece and Italy refused to allow them to conduct proper security checks on the migrants.

The V4 nations do not have anything to apologize for or to explain. The actions of Visegrad benefited all in Europe. It was Viktor Orban and the V4 who defeated and defied the forced relocation quotas of the EU. Without this outspoken and courageous action, the EU would have been able to create a permanent and ongoing relocation mechanism that would have guaranteed unlimited migration and endless quotas.

For now, the EU has been forced to back down from the mandatory quotas. We would expect others in CEE to support them. Today the EU has targeted Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic. If allowed to succeed, tomorrow they will be challenging and trying to intimidate others into submission.

By defeating Brussels on forced quotas, Visegrad changed the debate on migration inside Europe. By taking action against the “disobedient” states, Brussels is trying weaken the sovereignty of the nation state by trying to expand its scope and power.

Onward V4! The Battle for Europe is right here and right now. Keep up the fight.