Bulgaria election: PM Borissov’s party wins but falls short of majority

Bulgaria election: PM Borissov’s party wins but falls short of majority

Bulgaria election.

Although PM Borissov and his party received the most votes, the prospects of coalition building do not seem to favor Borissov. We hope to be wrong. The V4 Report would like to hear some inside input (good and bad) from Bulgarians on the ground. It seems as if Borissov’s party wins but will have trouble forming a coalition.

Who will be the next leader of Bulgaria? Who was behind the earlier protests of his government and alleged corruption? Outsiders, the EU Parliament, or some Bulgarians themselves?

The V4 Report is not informed enough about the new parties or the dynamics behind forming a coalition in Bulgaria, but we always liked Borissov and view the alternatives as a big risk.

Besides Orban, in our opinion, there were only two worthy figures left in the EPP Party…Jansa of Slovenia and Borissov, both of who we had hoped to see follow Orban out of the EPP, although we doubt Borissov will leave for various reasons.
Yes, he was too close to Germany and seemed to appease Turkey, but he was a reliable ally of Orban and took to Hungary’s defense regarding Article 7.

In addition, under his leadership, Bulgaria refused to ratify the ‘gender-crazy’ Istanbul Convention or the UN migration pact.
We also believe he did a decent job defending the borders with Turkey, although many from Greece claim he redirected them to their country, which is a topic beyond our scope.

We are not sure what the next Bulgarian governing coalition will look like, although many others have said they will not work with Borissov, which is somewhat odd given his first-place finish.

Borissov was probably not an angel but we believe he was solid and reliable when it mattered. If he does lose power, we believe that this will be a negative (from our point of view) for Bulgaria and the EU. The alternatives do not sound good.