V4 Report: Bulgaria warns Polish rebuke from EU will set ‘dangerous precedent’

V4 Report: Bulgaria warns Polish rebuke from EU will set ‘dangerous precedent’

V4 Report: Bulgaria warns Polish rebuke from EU will set ‘dangerous precedent’. Borisov highlights unease in member states over so-called Article 7 procedure against Poland.

Many are indeed “uneasy” but will they have the confidence to defy Brussels? Why the unease? If Brussels is not stopped here, their appetite for power will only grow stronger.

The Bulgarian PM also warned Donald Tusk not to interfere or speak out regarding Polish politics after Tusk’s latest attacks on the elected government in Poland. “We have to remain neutral, impartial.” said Boyko Borisov.

Mr. Borisov said it would set a “dangerous precedent” for EU member states to vote on whether Poland risked a “serious breach” of rule of law standards. He said a vote should be avoided if at all possible.

“If we have to go to voting, we will have sleepless nights how to vote. I hope we do not have to face this,” Mr Borisov said.

A censure of Poland – which requires a four-fifths majority – would open the way for potential sanctions, such as suspending Warsaw’s voting rights. However this would require unanimity among EU member states and Hungary has vowed to veto any such proposal.

Bulgaria took the rotating chair of the EU’s Council of Ministers this month, giving it the nominal power until July to decide what is brought to a vote of assembled ministers.

Speaking to journalists in Sofia, Mr Borisov noted that rule of law issues are “so vague” and difficult to measure that they would be better not brought before ministers. He expressed confidence that Poland would find a solution to the political impasse with Brussels. (Borisov should prepare his Plan B; Poland can hardly find a solution to a problem that does not exist.)

“I hope my Polish colleagues do not put Article 7 on the agenda,” he said.

Borisov should realize that it was not Poland which “put Article 7 on the agenda”. It was Frans Timmermans, Donald Tusk, Germany’s Manfred Weber and other EU hacks who, for political purposes, decided to interfere in Poland’s sovereign right to develop policies through their elected representatives in the national government.

However, despite the noise, the V4 Report remains optimistic that EUCO will not achieve the required four-fifths necessary to advance the procedure and will likely back-down to avoid more lost credibility.

More leaders of the CEE nation states are starting to realize that these “vague” judgments by vindictive and ideological EU officials will set a “dangerous precedent” for the future. Many are starting to realize they could be the EU’s next target for “reprogramming”.

Let these lunatic federalists – such as Guy Verhofstadt and Martin Schulz – continue to “rant and rave”; they only strengthen the case for Poland, the sovereignty of nation states and the rejection of Article Seven.

After all, who wants Guy Verhofstadt, the ALDE Group, Socialists and Greens defining “European values”? They have done enough damage already.