A Clash of Values: Will Poland leave the EU? By Tomasz Grzegorz Grosse

A Clash of Values:  Will Poland leave the EU?   By  Tomasz Grzegorz Grosse

* A Clash of Values: Will Poland leave the EU?

** This is a very interesting article explaining the various disagreements between Poland and Brussels. We call it a “clash of values”.

– Tomasz Grzegorz Grosse, the author, is a sociologist, political scientist and historian. He is a professor at Warsaw University and an expert at the Sobieski Institute.

He writes:

“….the Polish authorities would like the EU to be headed in a different direction to that in which it is currently heading. The EU, as politicians of the ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party like to put it, should allow its member states to play a greater role in forging the union’s future, simultaneously allowing them to strengthen their autonomy from EU institutions. A return of parity between member states is also advocated, meaning that more the EU’s more powerful members should not be able to impose their will on those considered weaker.”

“Fierce differences of opinion have been evident in some of the disputes between Western and Central Europe, from dealing with refugees to the rights of seconded workers. Poland’s current government also wants to see the wings of the EU’s officials clipped, and efforts to build a European Federation abandoned. Instead, the Polish government supports strengthening the role of the national parliaments in European politics and ensuring the proper application of the principle of subsidiarity.”

“For Poland, national sovereignty is a fundamental issue. Interference by other member states in the internal reforms or external support for the opposition against the legally elected government is considered an infringement of this sovereignty.

“The Polish government remains a supporter of integration, but it will not forego its national interests, national identity and national security. These sentiments are apparently shared by many in Polish society, with polls showing high levels of support for PiS.

*** We believe Poland is one of the most stable and successful countries in Europe. Their stock market is booming and they possess one of the fastest growing economies in the EU. The ruling party has found success in creating an attractive environment for foreign investment while keeping its citizens and streets safe and secure. Poland has also maintained and defended their culture, identity and sovereignty.

Instead of lecturing Poland, we believe it’s time for the EU Core to start listening to them. Poland just doesn’t talk about values, they live them.

Will Poland Leave the European Union?