A clear majority of Czechs believe a “well-defined external border” is most important for the EU’s future.

A clear majority of Czechs believe a “well-defined external border” is most important for the EU’s future.

According to a survey conducted by Eurostat, the Czechs are the least happy living in EU. A clear majority believe a “well-defined external border” is most important for the EU’s future.

Quite honestly, we have little interest in all these surveys by the EU, which must find creative ways to pay as many people as possible.

However, one statement caught our eye. Czechs could choose up to two answers for what was most important for the EU’s future:

– 8% of Czechs saw the introduction of the euro across the EU as most helpful.
– 10% chose an EU economic government.
– 12% picked a common army.
– 17% chose comparable education standards
* 39% said a well-defined external EU border *

These numbers are revealing and probably sent all the EU-funded “think tanks” and media experts in Prague into a deep shock. All that money promoting the wonders of the EU and the overwhelming number of Czechs just want the EU to secure the external border. Czechs do not seem too interested in “multicultural sensitivity training” from some guys named Frans Timmermans and Guy Verhofstadt in Brussels.

Brussels and Berlin must understand the deep resentment and anger directed at them for failing to protect the borders and attempting to force others to accept migrant quotas. This has divided Europe more than any other issue. This mainstream rebellion to mass migration and multiculturalism is not going away.

There was never any “European Solidarity” for open-borders, mass migration or rabid multiculturalism. Contrary to the spin of a manipulative media, Schengen is simply not possible or feasible without securing the external borders, denying entry and deporting the illegal migrants outside of Europe.

Some Czech writers have suggested that the Czech Republic does not have a migrant problem and therefore should comply with the demands of Brussels. As usual, they miss the point. The Visegrad nation states do not have a crisis because their leaders had the courage to take the necessary measures to prevent the environment that nourishes the type of Islamic extremism one sees in France and Germany.

The people of Visegrad, including Czechs, understand very well the problems associated with the mass migration and multiculturalism of Western Europe. Once flooded, like Sweden and Belgium, it may already be too late. This is quite obvious to see and the Czechs, Poles, Hungarians and Slovaks have been proven correct.

There is a serious divide between the powers of Brussels and the leaders of Central-Eastern Europe regarding migration and multiculturalism. An “EU solution” is highly unlikely given the agenda of the “stakeholders” in Brussels.

We strongly believe that Visegrad and the CEE nation states must build and strengthen its own regional core to counterbalance the influence of France and Germany. The Three Seas Initiative, Visegrad alliance and groups such as the Central European Defence Cooperation (CEDC) are great foundations to build upon. This will take time and patience, but we believe it is inevitable.

The EU Project in Brussels is melting down from internal weakness and delusions of grandeur. The damage may be fatal and Schengen may never recover. The new Core of Europe is emerging from the Central-East to defend its culture and way of life…..and it is here to stay.

Onward V4! Stay strong and united.