COE to increase protection of vulnerable persons

COE to increase protection of vulnerable persons

Council of Europe (COE): 🆘❌ Warning…Cultural Marxists at play.

Council of Europe Secretary-General Marija Pejčinović Burić is from Croatia. She had a major role and heavy influence over PM Plenkovic in forcing the COE’s Istanbul Convention and all its gender nonsense on Croatia.

She was rewarded with a position at the COE…and now wants to expand the definition of a refugee to overwhelm Europe.
The European Court of Human Rights as well as the Council of Europe steering committees and monitoring bodies have emphasized the special protection that states need to provide to vulnerable persons in the context of asylum and migration. In the new action plan, “vulnerable persons in the context of migration and asylum” are persons found to have special needs after individual evaluation of their situation and are entitled to call on states’ obligation to provide special protection and assistance.

There is absolutely no reason for the European nation-state to remain a member of this radical, far-left organization.

It is a global, pro-migration organization that seeks to wipe out the integrity of the nation-state. Its court (ECHR) is often referred to as the Soros Court and chains the nation-states from properly defending borders.

No excuse to remain. Hungary should lead the way…why belong to an organization that promotes values that are poisonous to one’s culture and way of life?