Cover-up of serious migrant crimes in the Netherlands.

Cover-up of serious migrant crimes in the Netherlands.

Cover-up of serious migrant crimes in the Netherlands.

Prime Minister Mark Rutte comes under fire a day after he attacked Hungary over migration. It seems like Rutte has “turned his back” on his own citizens and is worried about the “image” this creates.

Rutte’s stock has fallen across Europe but he is still considered one of Guy Verhofstadt’s obedient students inside the ALDE Group. After this scandal, the Benelux feminist will be finished.

– De Telegraaf discovered that in a report from the ministry, serious asylum crimes registered by the police had been concealed under the vague heading ‘others’. This included murder, manslaughter, rape and sexual abuse of children, but the ministry apparently did not find it necessary to explicitly mention those offenses.

Only after questions from this newspaper did it become clear how often those serious crimes occurred.

PM Rutte said he does not believe that anyone at the Ministry of Justice and Security deliberately wanted to conceal serious asylum crimes.

“I have no indication that someone wanted to cover something, a mistake was made,” Rutte said during his weekly press moment.

It seems like these “mistakes” happen often in Germany, Finland and Sweden as well. 🤔

Rutte did not seem too concerned with the victims of these crimes committed by the migrants; instead, he was worried about the “image this creates”.

“The whole cabinet is very upset, the offenses must be visible, it was not intended to cover things up.” Rutte then added that he was concerned about the image that this creates. “You want support for the reception of real refugees.”

Ah, Rutte’s real concern…the reputation of the “refugees” and covering-up his colossal mistakes.

Time for Thierry!