Croatia election: Donald Tusk and the EPP hypocrites.

Croatia election:  Donald Tusk and the EPP hypocrites.

Croatia election: Donald Tusk and the EPP hypocrites.

Note: The linked article largely discusses the upcoming election in Croatia and we will get more involved with that discussion at a later date. However, two small paragraphs buried in the article need attention because it relates to the criticism Donald Tusk levied against the PiS (his bitter rivals) regarding the original scheduled elections in Poland, where his then candidate (they later switched after the delay) had no chance of winning.

👉 “The next parliamentary election had been due in the autumn but, after parliament dissolved, President Zoran Milanovic this week set the date for July 5.”

“The ruling Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ, which is part of Tusk’s EPP Party) is widely seen as trying to capitalise on general approval of its handling of the COVID-19 pandemic before the economic fallout really kicks in.” 👈

* Ok, wait a second here. The V4 Report was all over this very similar situation just weeks ago in Poland.

Poland: Very interesting 🤔. This is one of the many shenanigans that can happen when elections are delayed.

Tusk’s EPP and the entire EU media just got finished slandering the ruling PiS party (non-EPP) in Poland for wanting to hold its presidential election on the “scheduled date”.

Why? Because Tusk and the EPP claimed that the PiS was trying to rush the elections (actually they wanted it to take place on its scheduled date) because its candidate had a big lead and accused the PiS of trying to take advantage of Duda’s high polling numbers before the economic fallout due to the coronavirus really kicked-in.

Sounds familiar? It is the same exact thing that Tusk’s EPP Party (HDZ) is trying to do in Croatia…except there are no protests from Tusk or his allies in the EU media this time.

Our point is not to question the chosen date of Croatia’s election but to point out the absolute hypocrisy and lack of integrity that exists in Donald Tusk’s EPP Party today.

In our opinion, Tusk is a pure ‘dirt ball’ at every level, and his manipulation and bottom-shelf delay tactics that enabled his EPP Party to switch candidates AFTER the original date of the election may actually change the outcome in Poland.

That Tusk (and Merkel) now represent the EPP is a stain on a Party that sold its soul a long time ago.

As for Andrej Plenkovic – the Donald Tusk of Croatia – he fits the EPP mold perfectly…as the EU-UN-Council of Europe’s obedient poodle.