Croatia targeted by illegal migrants…and the far-left Council of Europe (COE).

Croatia targeted by illegal migrants…and the far-left Council of Europe (COE).

Croatia targeted by illegal migrants…and the far-left Council of Europe (COE).

One analyst on the ground said, “we have had some 20,000 to 21,000 people entering (Bosnia) since the beginning of this year and 4,000 to 4,500 of them are still here. That means, that 3 out of 4 migrants have managed to cross irregularly into Croatia.”

That’s a 75% success rate. The PM of Croatia, Andrej Plenkovic, needs to spend less time reciting EU/UN slogans, and instead must focus on efforts to greatly increase the manpower at the border. This is simply unacceptable. Where are the barriers?

– Aggressive male migrants are trying to illegally cross the external border of the European Union. Living in Europe is a dream for millions of migrants across the world. One will either do what is necessary to repel them (without approval of COE) or they will simply take control of events.

Peter Van der Auweraert is the Western Balkans coordinator of the International Organization for Migration (IOM): “We are looking at a population with 80 to 85% being economic migrants rather than people in need of international protection. Roughly 35% are Pakistanis, the highest percentage of people here. We have 20% Afghanis, 20% Syrians…[Regarding the] Syrians I have some doubts because there is also a number of people from Northern Africa who are self-declaring as Syrian.”

– The migrants are determined. One boldly claimed, “I am going to Spain. But first, we’re going through Croatia. I am making bread because the food here is no good. [The] border is closed now. We’ve already tried three times to walk into Croatia.”

Abdullah from Afghanistan said, “I will do whatever is needed: I will pay money to the smugglers or I will just wait, whatever. But I really need to cross the border and go to Europe.

Hungary and Italy have proven that migration can be stopped, but they have strong and focused leaders who take action to control events. The capabilities are there, but does the rest of Europe have the will to stop this? So far, we believe that answer is negative.

It is plainly clear that Europe either deports the illegals outside of Europe or waves the white flag of surrender. If the migrants are allowed to stay in Europe, more will be quickly on their way. An illegal migrant’s dream is a nightmare for the Europeans that live here.

– Near the EU border is the Bosnian town of Bihac, where aid organizations have set up emergency food distribution sites for the many migrants who are stuck here.

Has Bosnia unofficially become an EU “hot spot” to process the migrants?

How else would one define this development? They certainly are not being deported outside of Europe.

– Croatia also faces other challenges, namely the smear campaign targeting its border police by open-border advocates and a manipulative media, particularly the Guardian.

The debate about ‘alleged’ police violence, which Croatia strongly denies (they have the right to defend their border) has reached a political level. Could it delay Croatia’s membership in the Schengen zone?

The European Commission says they are assessing Croatia’s management of the external EU-border. And the far-left Council of Europe – which is in charge of supervising human rights all over the continent – asked the Croatian government for some answers.

But one cannot rely on the testimony of violent migrants who are forcefully trying to breach another’s territory. Many are being trained to lie by the multicult activists.

If the Council of Europe is looking for answers, Damir Butina, Head of Certingrad Border Police Unit, put is as clear as one could: “We are aware of the reports coming from Bosnia-and-Herzegovina about the violence among the migrant groups internally. If they have injuries, its most probably caused by those rivaling migrant groups fighting against each other. They probably inflict injuries to each other and falsely claim the Croatian police did it.”

This is exactly what is happening.

* Europe has a choice to make. They will either implement an ongoing mechanism to deport the migrants outside of Europe or they will forever be held hostage by the actions of the migrants and their open-border advocates.

Visegrad and the Three Seas region which comprises Central Europe must start asking some serious questions about its association with the West EU Core?

Can Central Europe avoid the same fate of many in Western Europe that worship at the altar of multicult while under the same tattered umbrella of Brussels?…/western-balkan-route-for-migrant…