Croatia to accept migrants straight from Turkey.

Croatia to accept migrants straight from Turkey.

Croatia to accept migrants straight from Turkey.

Andrej Plenkovic’s government in Croatia has signed agreements to accept migrants straight from Turkey.

That’s right. Despite the intense pressure of illegals attempting to breach the border, Croatia will resettle migrants straight from Turkey.

Maybe Plenkovic should first try sending the illegals back to Turkey.

We believe PM Plenkovic is making a colossal mistake to transfer-in migrants straight from Turkey while Turkish smuggling agencies abuse the Balkans. As long as the migrants pour into Greece from Turkey, the V4 Report believes no EU nation should be encouraging this practice by voluntarily taking in migrants from Turkey.

This is a bad idea. Plenkovic needs to think beyond the instructions from Brussels.

In Greece, migrants entering via land border with Turkey increased by almost 300% in 2018. Turkey’s President cannot be trusted; he uses the migrants as pawns in order to siphon more money from the EU and probably wants some type of deal with Croatia. We remember well Erdogan’s actions in 2015 when more than 800,000 migrants were trafficked by sea from Turkey to Greece.

While not as intense as 2015, the Balkans is a mess and Croatia is feeling the pressure of illegal migration. However, the Croatian government is not deporting the illegals back to Turkey or outside of Europe.

Where have all the illegals gone and why on earth is Plenkovic voluntarily accepting more?

– Interior Minister Davor Bozinovic will pay a two-day official visit to Turkey, where he will visit camps for refugees on the Syrian border.

Why is the Interior Minister Davor Bozinovic really visiting those camps in Turkey? He has migrant camps on the Croatian border to focus on.

Unfortunately, with Frontex and UN agencies on the ground, we believe the structures are being put in place to turn the area along the Croatian-Bosnia border into an unofficial EU migrant processing center. In addition, the Croatian government is led by those with global aspirations that are easily manipulated and will do as instructed by Brussels, the UN and Council of Europe.

What else would one call this? The illegal migrants are not being deported outside of Europe and they will not all stay on Bosnia. This is where the experiment of turning illegal migration into legal migration starts.