Croatia will continue sending illegals to Greece

Croatia will continue sending illegals to Greece

Croatia is not Germany…and will continue to send back illegals to Greece (where they entered). 👍
This movement northward is absurd (Merkel’s way) and only attracts more illegals. Greece should be viewed as an undesirable, dead-end zone for illegals…not a stepping-stone to their destination of choice.

The V4 Report has no problem reading far-left, open-border sources (see below) to find out which states are performing well.

For instance, we support the Croatian border guard and the “pushbacks” (an absolute necessity to defend the border) when others shamelessly attack their integrity.

In the link below, the usual suspects praise Germany for refusing to send back illegals who were already granted asylum in Greece…while criticizing Croatia for following procedures that prevent this abuse.

👉 Some wild activists at the Medium wrote: Croatia resuming ‘Dublin’ to Greece, while German courts oppose it. 👈

Of course, the V4 Report sees this as a positive move by Croatia. Greece is a safe EU country and made the decision to grant entry. The illegals from Greece decided to try to seek greater economic benefits elsewhere but were caught during ‘their journey’ and sent back.

It is up to Greece to deport the illegals out of Europe or to push back to deny entry, instead of waving them through to others in Europe. It sounds tough but mass deportations are the only way to solve this problem. It is the missing link and counterproductive relocations provide an easy excuse not to get on with forced returns.

How can this vicious cycle of revolving migrant doors ever be stopped if the border states are always given an avenue to send the illegals elsewhere in Europe?

The EU speaks of relieving the pressure on the border states, yet is against pushbacks and denying entry. This does not make sense unless one believes Greece or Italy should be used as welcoming reception centers to relocate illegals across the bloc…which only encourages more to come.

Maybe a different approach to EU solidarity is to put more pressure on the border states (no relocations) in order to force them to start deporting in a meaningful way.

Faced with self-preservation and the prospects of being overwhelmed, Greece and Italy would find ways to deny entry and to deport without tolerating resistance from the countries of origin or the UN.

Erdogan does not ask France for approval when sending back French jihadists caught in Turkey. EU needs to stop being soft pansies.
EU solidarity could and should take the form of other EU states financing returns and providing logistical and diplomatic (no foreign aid without cooperation) efforts to help Greece to send the illegals back home.
Relocations reward and facilitate illegal human trafficking.

It’s not up to Germany to dictate how Greece takes care of the migrants, nor should success be measured by how many illegals depart Greece. if they just remain in Europe.