Croatia. Zekanovic: “I’m going to Marrakech to protest against the UN Global Compact.”

Croatia.  Zekanovic:  “I’m going to Marrakech to protest against the UN Global Compact.”

Croatia. Zekanovic: “I’m going to Marrakech to protest against the UN Global Compact.”

Despite PM Andrej Plenkovic’s zeal to win applause from Brussels (again!), the opposition to the UN Migration Compact fights on. They will not give up…Onwards!

The V4 Report was optimistic about Austria in 2017 and Italy in 2018. Will Plenkovic become the next victim who embraced “EU solidarity” to fall?

The dynamics are different and we will refrain from any predictions at the moment, but Plenkovic has gone too far; he has crossed the line. The question: Can a strong party or leader emerge to challenge the ‘Donald Tusk of Croatia’?

* Translated to English ⬇️:

HRAST Parliamentary Representative Hrvoje Zekanović announced on Wednesday that he will travel to the Moroccan city of Marrakech on December 10 and 11 – with two more colleagues from the Civic Initiative/Croatian Bedem – to protest the acceptance of the UN Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration .

Zekanovic said at the press conference in Parliament that they are bitter that the so-called “Marrakesh Agreement” was not discussed by the Croatian Parliament, and they did not know the President’s position on it.

Željko Sačić, the representative of the civic initiative focusing on the Marrakech Agreement and Migration, said they will travel to Marrakech to be the “voice of the defenseless and fully democratic Croatians – the sovereigns who did not have the opportunity to debate or say a single word in the state institutions about the Compact”.

“We could not talk about it at the Cabinet, the House or the Committee; we were silenced. Zekanovic goes to Marrakech to say that we Croats – like our neighbors Hungarians, Italians, Czechs, Slovaks, and friends from the United States and Japan and many others – are against the Marrakech Agreement and that we will do everything in our power, if this agreement is accepted in Croatia illegally, to resist the application,” Sačić emphasized.

“With this Agreement, we can experience a great, irreparable national catastrophe,” he added.

“We will do everything to awaken the Croatian people, despite the current ruling elite – which is a great threat to us – from accepting this globalist idea,” Sačić said.

Marijan Pavliček of the Croatian Conservative Party (HKS) warned of the dangers of the Marrakesh Agreement…from the loss of sovereignty to the “dangerous trap of introducing a new kind of censorship, because the states that accept it are obliged to regulate freedom of speech or to deny funding for so-called ‘racist media’.

“Who will determine when the border crosses good taste and when it goes to racism?” Pavlicek asked, assessing that it was censorship against those who disagree.