Croatian border guards “pushback” open-border MEPs from Italy

Croatian border guards “pushback” open-border MEPs from Italy

Croatian border guards “pushback” open-border MEPs from Italy attempting to meddle in its affairs at the border.

How’s that for respect! They were on a mission to highlight pushbacks…but ended up repelled themselves.

The Croatian border guard treated the European Parliament and its members with the respect it deserves…none.

The V4 Report touched on this story yesterday but it is just too good not to add more details of this outright defiance shown to the EU Parliament and its looney President.

For its part, Croatia called it a stunt clearly designed with the intention to damage Croatia’s reputation.

The MEPs even brought their own cameras to record the orchestrated show but were shocked when they were pushed back.

According to reports, the MEPs were prevented from reaching the border after “dozens” of Croatian police set-up a “human barrier” on the road leading to the checkpoint.

“The Croatian police were waiting for us and set up a barrier,” said one of the left-wing agitators in a video recorded at the scene.

“We decided to walk through but dozens of threateningly armed policemen formed a human barrier preventing us from passing.”

Threatening armed border guards? Exactly, just as they should be when defending the borders. Did the MEPs expect water and fruit baskets?

EU Parliament President David Sassoli – another pro-migration zealot handpicked by the coalition of EPP, Socialists, and Renew Europe – said he was “astonished” by the treatment of the MEPs.


Who is Sassoli besides a German puppet? Few outsides of the little Eurocrat circles respect the Parliament or its leaders. Sassoli could be waiting a long time.

Hats-off to the Croatian border guard for defying these MEPs and their President. They stood tall and knocked these over-rated, arrogant MEPs back down to size.

More nation-states must defy the EU Parliament, which has no purpose other than trying to undermine the sovereignty of the nation-state.

Onwards! 🥊…hopefully, Plenkovic does not screw it up.