CSU: Merkel’s “token” opposition in Germany.

CSU: Merkel’s “token” opposition in Germany.

CSU: Merkel’s “token” opposition in Germany.

Angela Merkel’s Bavarian allies (CSU is referred to as the “sister” party) on Saturday handed the leadership of their party to state premier Markus Söder, who promised to usher in a new era of cooperation with the chancellor’s party.

A new era of cooperation? Despite the show for elections, the CSU has enabled Merkel, and themselves, for years.

Angela Merkel and the CDU love this type of “token” opposition in Germany…especially when they play on the same team.

– Söder, who was unopposed, has apparently given-up on his weak efforts to try to portray himself as some type of “hardline conservative” in order to adopt a more moderate tone.

In his speech on Saturday, Söder said he would work to ensure greater unity between the sister parties and signaled he wanted the CSU to have broad appeal.

“I am truly determined to draw the right lessons from the year 2018, and to realign the party,” he said. “We need to … open a new chapter in the cooperation between CDU and CSU.”

He is taking over from his longtime rival, Germany’s 69-year-old Interior Minister Horst Seehofer.

* More CSU weakness in Germany. Some things never change.