Czech Republic and Poland: In Germany and France We Trust?

Czech Republic and Poland:  In Germany and France We Trust?

Czech Republic and Poland: In Germany and France We Trust?

After all the spin from Andrej Babis and the Polish PM Mateusz Morawiecki about some great “victory”, Jan Zahradil from the Civic Democrats offered up a bit of reality: “The good news is Timmermans will not be EC president. Otherwise its business as usual with Germany and France calling the shots.”

It was a success to derail Timmermans but to claim that Merkel’s strong ally in Berlin, who is an ardent EU federalist and proponent of an EU Army, is somehow beneficial to Visegrad or the integrity of the European nation state is a stretch and significantly lowers the bar.

A federalist from Germany may even be able to expand power and scope of EU faster and more efficiently than a divisive Socialist, especially if it provided the motivation to move the EPP into opposition. Instead, the EPP will now work with Greens, Socialists and Liberals to sideline the right.

Moreover, Donald Tusk’s replacement, Belgium’s Charles Michel, is an extreme anti-Visegrad zealot along the lines of Guy Verhofstadt. Michel, just six months ago, wanted to open discussion about removing the V4 nations from Schengen over their unwillingness to accept EU migrant quotas (if Visegrad wants to claim victories, this was a worthy one).

In addition, not only is Michel an “anti-V4” extremist but he is also a pro-migration zealot, going as far to bring down his own government over his obsessive dedication to the UN Migration Pact. He is your typical Macron ally from Benelux and a multicult purest.

Babis could have said: While we killed the socialist beast, we have other demons to slay. The EU has shifted left and is driving to expand its scope with France, Germany and the West EU federalists firmly in control to dominate Europe. We need a new strategy and a true centre-right party that represents Central Europe, one willing to work with Salvini’s group on the right at times.

Visegrad and Central Europe may also need to ask if the EU is a good fit long term? The EU is not what it used to be and the Visegrad economies are starting to catch up. Why not establish their own regional alliance (i.e., Three Seas, etc.) that better reflects the values of its people and provides a counterbalance to the heavy influence of Berlin and Paris?

What’s so special about “EU values” or the multicult NoGoZones of Paris, London and Brussels?