Czech Republic: A bitter end to the political career of PM Bohuslav Sobotka.

Czech Republic: A bitter end to the political career of PM Bohuslav Sobotka.

* Czech Republic: A bitter end to the political career of PM Bohuslav Sobotka.

While the V4 Report believes Sobotka’s career is finished in the Czech Republic, we do eventually expect to see him working for the EU in some capacity. Brussels is where his heart is. Sobotka is very similar to former Czech PM Vladimir Spidla. We are sure the government of Berlin may find him useful as well.

Unfortunately, we do not expect much improvement from the ANO Party in the Czech Republic. They are full of political opportunists like EU Minister Vera Jourova, who claims “Open Society values are at the heart of EU action”. The ANO Party is also affiliated with Guy Verhofstadt’s liberal ALDE Group in Brussels.

The EU Parliament, including MEPs from Verhofstadt’s ALDE group, will attempt to impose mandatory migrant quotas on Visegrad and other “disobedient” nation states. They also voted to punish nation states which refuse to accept the forced quotas from Greece and Italy.

The “forced solidarity” of ALDE was also celebrated by the left-wing Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats (everyone knows what this label really means) and advocated by open-border activists Gianni Pittella and Elly Schlein.

One can reasonably conclude from this vote that the ANO Party will either expect the Czech Republic to accept migrant quotas or vote to sanction their own nation. The only other choice would be for ANO to renounce the ALDE Group. We shall find out soon.

In addition, Andrej Babis has been formally charged with fraud in a case involving a 2 million euro “EU subsidy”. We do not believe it is healthy for a nation to have its leader being investigated by an outside power, such as the EU, which can have influence over the internal policies of the Czech Republic. For instance, would the EU “negotiate” with Babis behind closed doors in exchange for his pledge to accept migrant quotas from Greece and Italy? It would be alarming for the Czech Republic or any other European nation state to find themselves in a situation where the EU has leverage over one of their leaders.

As the political establishment in the Czech Republic continues to implode, the Czech people represent the best defense against the multicult agenda being pushed by Brussels and many “pro-Berlin” journalists, think tanks and self-proclaimed “experts” in Prague.

The Czech people are extremely skeptical of the EU and strong opponents of Angela Merkel’s migration agenda. They will not tolerate leaders who would embrace EU Solidarity on migration. Andrej Babis and ANO would be advised not to cross that line.