Czech Republic: Brno Municipal Elections

Czech Republic: Brno Municipal Elections

Czech Republic: Brno Municipal Elections. Žít Brno (4.09%), which advocated taking-in migrants from Italy, suffers a dramatic fall.

* Žít Brno won nearly 12% in the elections four years ago, but their message backfired. They fell by nearly 67%!

The V4 Report usually does not post extensively about local elections, but Žít Brno was making much noise about taking- in migrants from Italy. The deputy mayor of Brno, Matěj Hollán, proposed that Brno should receive several dozen migrants from Italy, subject to the agreement of the Czech and Italian governments.

It is noteworthy and comforting that none of Žít Brno (4.09%), the Green Party (Zelení) (4.52%), TOP 09 (3.42%), or the Communists (4.13%) will be represented in Brno’s local government for the next four years.

The ANO Movement of Prime Minister Babiš came in first in the Brno municipal elections with 23.03% of eligible votes. The Civic Democratic Party (ODS) experienced a strong comeback, with the second biggest share of the votes in Brno. Four years ago, the ODS party received just 7.62%; this time it was 18.55%.

Tomio Okamura’s Freedom and Direct Democracy (SPD) won 5.07% of the vote, enough to enter the Brno local government (“zastupitelstvo”) for the first time.

** In Prague, ANO took fifth place, which had to be disappointing for Babis. ODS came in first and the Pirates second. The Communists and Social Democrats continued to meltdown. For the first time, they will not participate in Prague’s local government.

*** As usual, the V4 Report highly encourages our Czech audience to send us “deeper” insights regarding the local elections. We would appreciate your insight to supplement the limited information available.

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