Czech Republic elections in one word: Painful.

Czech Republic elections in one word: Painful.
Czech Republic elections in one word: Painful.
Our thought: Anyone but the woke, pro-migration Pirates and any groups (SPOLU/PaS) that would enable them to be part of a government coalition. This is a line not to be crossed.
* All we can say is that it is painful to even think about it; the choices are not great, which reflects the lack of quality among the major parties.
No doubt, many Czechs don’t like or trust PM Andrej Babis, but the alternative (any government with the odious Pirates involved or those who would enable the Pirates via a coalition) could be worse.
Yes, Babis has disappointed us on many occasions (especially his support of Jourova and affiliation with Macron’s Renew Europe federalists) but he may represent the best option to keep the Czech Republic aligned primarily with the V4 Group instead of embracing the so-called ‘values’ of the EU establishment.
Our thoughts: While waiting for some of the less established parties to emerge on the right (Trikolara, SPD), it is our opinion that Babis would do less damage than the Pirates or their partners from two other coalitions, especially Top09 (EPP), which we have absolutely no faith in regarding migration, resisting EU diktats or working closely with the V4.
Even the ODS, crippled by weak leadership and a lack of identity, seems willing to sell its soul for a taste of power with the Pirates, which remind this writer of a motley group of Antifa misfits.
It’s hard to decipher the polls, but the best outcome, in our opinion, would be Babis with the SPD.
** Here we go again. As usual, Babis sounds very good (below) but he is a seasoned politician and has not always walked his talk. On the other hand, the alternatives even sound bad.
In our opinion, Babis would cause the least damage. He definitely has his faults, but the Czech Republic has not been flooded with migrants under his tenure and on most occasions he has shown a willingness to work with Hungary and Poland.
👉 Seeking re-election, Czech PM pledges to keep migrants, Brussels at bay.
“This is the last chance to protect our national interests, living standards, our culture,” Babis said, launching the campaign for the Oct. 8-9 parliamentary election.
He said the opposition would hand over national sovereignty to Brussels and “break up” the Visegrad Group alliance with Slovakia, Hungary and Poland, which Babis has praised despite Hungary’s and Poland’s frequent standoffs with European institutions.
“As long as I am prime minister, we will not accept a single illegal migrant,” he said, recalling his resistance to past EU plans to distribute asylum seekers across the bloc.
** An endorsement of Babis? Not exactly, although we definitely like what he pledges above. It’s more of a sharpe aversion to the ‘coalition of catastrophe’…the Pirates and these fake right groups of the EPP.
Babis may be a populist but in this case it’s beneficial, given the widespread aversion to mass migration and the euro in the Czech Republic.
But eventually, the quality of choices must improve. The Czechs deserve a better political menu.