Czech Republic PM Andrej Babis says he stands behind Hungary after EU parliament vote.

Czech Republic PM Andrej Babis says he stands behind Hungary after EU parliament vote.

Czech Republic PM Andrej Babis says he stands behind Hungary after EU parliament vote.

“I stand behind (Prime Minister) Orban. We are allies,” Babis said.

“This nonsense just ushers in negative sentiment into the European Union,” Babis told online news website Parlamentni Listy when asked on the vote. “Instead of getting together, there is politics.”

If one asked the V4 Report in January who would have been more likely to cave-in or sell-out, admittedly we would have easily chosen Andrej Babis over Sebastian Kurz.

However, while Kurz was easily “broken” by the EPP party bosses of Berlin, Andrej Babis openly defied and mocked the extreme federalists of ALDE Group and its fanatical pro-migration boss Guy Verhofstadt.

Today, it is Sebastian Kurz who looks small and weaselly with his shameful self-promotion, while Babis took the high road to defend not only his ally, but the very concept of the European nation state.

We believe Babis will have to repudiate and denounce his party’s (ANO) affiliation with Verhofstadt’s ALDE Group in Brussels. The multicult manifesto of ALDE may fit the culture of Belgium and Luxembourg but it is totally at odds with the beliefs of Czechs.

** The nine MEPs from the Czech Republic shown below who voted as told by their party bosses are irrelevant and do not matter. However, we urge Czechs to circulate their names in order to target for defeat in 2019.

All the members of ALDE, which promotes an extreme version of a “United States of Europe” and is lead by an anti-V4 zealot (Verhofstadt), voted to punish Hungary.

The same with Top09, although the party is melting-down and on the verge of collapsing with its support barely over 5%.

And then there is Mr. Poche – not exactly a “deep thinker” – who the Socialists nominated as Foreign Minister but was rejected by Babis and President Zeman for his views on migration and lack of qualifications. Poche is well-known for his disdain of Orban.

The EU Parliament is somewhat of a circus show filled with political opportunists who seek to feed off the system. In our opinion, there is no need for this “dead weight” in Europe. Why should a radical Green Party member from the Netherlands have any influence regarding the decisions of Hungarians?

The elected leaders of the nation states can represent their own people at the EU…one does not need radical socialists from Western Europe deciding what’s best for Poland or Hungary.

The real vote will take place later when the leaders of the nation states will decide on Article7. The EU needs 80% (22 or 27) YES votes from the nation states to move forward, unless they try to change the rules again.

With Kurz already publicly suggesting Slovakia, Poland and Romania as the next targets for Article7, the Eurocrats attacking Salvini in Italy and the Czech Republic standing by its ally, we doubt Brussels has the votes to proceed.…/czech-pm-says-he-stands-behind-hu…