Czech Republic starts to ease lockdown

Czech Republic starts to ease lockdown

Czech Republic: Wow, Czech Krtek (pictured on the wall) cannot be happy with this.
And he better be careful not to violate any government policies that break the limit on outdoor gatherings. I see three of his butterfly friends not properly spaced. 😉 🙄

It is abnormal to keep kids out of school and without activities or sports for so long in the first place. All are essential for both physical and emotional growth. What are they doing?
Quite frankly, it is shocking to me that kids are not back in school on a full-time basis or engaging in the physical activity needed. Does one understand how unhealthy this is for children?

Finally, as of Monday, children up to the fifth grade (should be all grades) returned to school but under strict conditions. All have to be tested twice a week and are only returning on a rotating basis at first, with in-school attendance one week and ‘distance learning’ the next.
I find this hard to comprehend.
In addition, there was talk of the government allowing gatherings of only two people indoors and outdoors. 🤔
This may be relaxed but the outside restrictions seem awfully over the top.
C’mon, outdoors…two people? At least one can play tennis, but officials may break up a doubles match? Anyone for 1on1 soccer?

Everyone has different circumstances and I understand if a parent decides to keep their child at home or away from team sports. They can choose to self-isolate without judgment.

But others strongly believe that there are health problems (physically, mentally) associated with such a sedentary lifestyle (although if one has the discipline, they can create vigorous workouts at home).

My sense is that things have gone way too far and that some of the mandates are maybe even more unhealthy than the Covid itself.
I say “play ball” and get the kids back in school and on the playgrounds on a full-time basis before they become robots sitting in front of a computer all day. There’s too much of that even without the Covid.

Personally, my three kids (all under 13) have been at school full time since the fall (required to wear masks) and have played through their soccer and basketball seasons with little interruptions. The track is up next 👍.