Czechia and the push to accept “unaccompanied minor” migrants from Greece. Total nonsense and pure emotional propaganda.

Czechia and the push to accept “unaccompanied minor” migrants from Greece.  Total nonsense and pure emotional propaganda.

Czechia and the push to accept “unaccompanied minor” migrants from Greece. Total nonsense and pure emotional propaganda.

200 Czech families claim they are ready to adopt so-called “unaccompanied minors” (i.e., aggressive teen males from Afghanistan and Pakistan) from Greece, call on government to accept scheme from the usual suspects to resettle migrants from Greece.

Do they like what they see in Bosnia, Sweden and Germany? This would be an absolute disaster and PM Andrej Babiš should not succumb to this emotional blackmail.

– At a press conference on Thursday, the initiative Češi pomáhaji announced that 200 families in Czechia have listed themselves (easy to sign a paper) as willing to take on the minor migrants. In a joint call with Doctors without Borders, the organisation for Aid to Refugees and Amnesty international, Češi pomáhaji have called on the Czech government to create an interdepartmental team that would move the plan forward.

The Czech interior minister told journalists that he had sent a letter to Athens last week asking for a concrete list of children, and that he did not believe that Czechia would actually be receiving Syrian orphans under the age of ten.

“The typical minor from the Greek refugee camps is a boy aged 15 or more, who tends to be either a citizen of Afghanistan or Pakistan.”

* Unaccompanied teen male migrants (or adults lying about their age) are the absolute worst demographic group to be roaming Europe. There is no guarantee, as Germany found out the hard way, that these “families” can in any way control hardened teen males from violent and alien cultures.

So-called “unaccompanied minor migrants” (young, aggressive males from alien cultures) perhaps the most violent demographic group now roaming Europe.

Will these families be held responsible for the actions of these “unaccompanied minors”? Do they have any concern for other Czech families, especially those with young daughters? This is not their decision to make…they are not qualified.

The V4 Report posted on this issue extensively January 2018:

The debate in Europe regarding so-called “unaccompanied” minor refugees (14-17 year old teen males) is starting to heat up

👉 The true “unaccompanied minors” must not be allowed to roam Europe. Most of these teenage males are immature, aggressive and vulnerable to radicalization. They need supervision and discipline and should not be exploring Europe on their own. This is a recipe for disaster as we witnessed in Cologne and elsewhere.

Instead, they may want to start thinking about establishing special camps outside of Europe designed specifically for these vulnerable teenage males. The camps could be run by coaches, teachers, counselors and other professional specialists who are trained to mold these young minds into successful adults who can one day help rebuild their own countries. 👈

** Angela Merkel has already permanently damaged Germany with decisions based on emotion, not critical thinking. Now, it is already too late for Germany to reverse the damage.

The Czech Republic is a peaceful nation, not a multicult war zone, and they should keep it that way by rejecting the propaganda dished our by the open-border extremists.

The Czechs and Visegrad states are providing help for the true refugees where it counts…in or near their countries of origin.