Dailey Thoughts: The Fall of Angela Merkel

Dailey Thoughts: The Fall of Angela Merkel

So some of you thought Merkel would change her tune on the migrant crisis that is ripping Europe apart. There was never a chance of this, nor will she or EUCO change in the future. They are committed to open borders and an EU that worships multiculturalism. They have staked their reputations on this and admitting to their mistakes is not on their menu.

Merkel’s defiant press conference defending the migrant crisis she empowered was no shock. Admitting failure would be the end of her career. Yet, it is chilling how obsessed with her legacy she has become. Her bizarre statements about an ISIS strategy seeking to reduce the number of Muslim migrants entering Europe smacked of desperation. There is not only no basis to back up this claim but it is simply not true and she knows this. Why would she say this and just who buys into this reach? This is not some political rally; there are major exposures to security in Europe right now and she is using spin as if this is some election. Next she may claim that ISIS wants the EU borders secured!

ISIS and Islamic Jihadists feed off of chaos and numbers. Look at Syria, the endless flow of foreign fighters pouring into Syria to join the cause. France and Belgium are perfect examples. Both populations now contain more than 5% Muslim citizens. This did not happen overnight. Mass migration and political correctness enabled multiculturalism to flourish. The Muslims do not integrate, they seek to dominate and reject the culture. Radicalization of next generations morphed into home-grown terrorism. France and Belgium contain some of the highest rates of citizens fighting in Syria. Today, these two countries are engaged in a Cultural War with radical Islam.

Not all refugees or migrants are terrorists, but this misses the point. The Middle East culture is violent and alien to the West. The Muslim countries in the Middle East discriminate and persecute non-Muslims. The Christians were fleeing long before ISIS appeared. It is in the interest of ISIS to get as many Muslim migrants to Europe as possible. They want open borders and chaos, so they can “blend in” posing as refugees. The jihadists already in Europe want as many fresh recruits for radicalization as possible. Muslims seem more confident and bolder in their demands as their numbers increase. We see this with the majorities in the Middle East and where they are a large minority (4-5% plus seems to be the number) in Western Europe. Mass Muslim migration tends to feed failed multiculturalism and radicalization, which in turn breeds the home-grown terrorism.

This is just not about terrorism but also a cultural battle. The sexual attacks and rapes by migrants are exploding. 2000 migrants/recent immigrants sexually attacked 1200 German women on New Years Eve alone in Cologne. The rapes are shocking in Sweden. I am puzzled when the media tries to claim that the pregnant woman hacked to death by a Syrian refugee was “personal” and not “political”. It was “cultural”, performed by a refugee from a violent culture not compatible with Europe. Merkel seeks to frame the debate around terror alone; she wants to separate it from migration. However, it is quite clear that mass Muslim migration, multiculturalism, radicalization, violence, and terror all feed off one another. They are linked.

Angela Merkel has entered the “legacy zone” where it is all about her now. Merkel’s delusions of grandeur first clouded her judgement. Now her vanity has erased her honor. Her reckless obsession with immortality has exposed Germany and Europe. The time has come to move on.

Angela Merkel’s fall from grace is a tragedy; vanity is always a poison for the soul.