The Nation States, not the EU, are best equipped to solve the Migrant Crisis

The Nation States, not the EU, are best equipped to solve the Migrant Crisis

The EU and Angela Merkel have come out with another predictable and disappointing “EU solution” that contains nothing new.  When the EU speaks of controlling the border and stopping the illegal crossings, they are not talking about reducing or stopping the flow of migrants to Europe.  Instead, they seek an organized method to transfer the migrants straight to Europe.  From there, the EU will develop a permanent “redistribution quota scheme” to distribute the migrants among member states. There will be harsh financial sanctions on those countries who refuse the quotas.

There are many problems with this, including the actions of the refugees – who will quickly migrate to the wealthier states like Germany. There will be terrorists posing as migrants, and many, once in, will simply vanish.  However, the biggest problem is that it will provide a huge incentive for migrants worldwide to “just get to Europe”.  Once granted entry, as we have seen, it is almost impossible to deport.  This “EU solution” would guarantee endless migrants for decades, and will be rightly rejected by the V4 nations. The open entry policies of Italy and Greece will tear Europe apart, both financially and culturally.

The Visegrad4 and CEE nations view the “EU solution” as a nonsense. The leaders of the V4 have lost all confidence in the EU to secure the border and deny entry.  So naturally, they are taking action themselves – and having great success.  The decreased migrant demand for Greece was due to the actions of various nation states, without the EU’s approval or assistance.  The Balkan countries and Macedonia, with help from the V4, closed the migrant pipeline from Greece to Germany.  The migrants desire Disneyland (Germany) and have no plans to be stuck in Greece, prompting some to go home.  Many others are opting to stay in Turkey, or are now attempting to enter Europe via the porous Italian border.  Austria, despite the frenzied protests of both Merkel and Italy, may soon take matters into their own hands by closing their border with Italy – thus leaving the Italian leaders with the choice of limiting entry or being overwhelmed with migrants.

This unilateral, but necessary, action by the nation states will infuriate Merkel, Italy, Greece and Brussels.  This will either force Italy and the EU to secure the external border or it may cause the EU to break apart.  Either way, the EU is incapable of solving the crisis under the flag of solidarity, given the reality that there was never any solidarity for mass migration, open borders, and multiculturalism. The solution will come from Nation States coming together, as they did in the Balkans, to solve the crisis themselves.  Nation States will always be more effective at solving migration, simply because they have more at stake than the unelected clerks, safely sipping their coffee in some cafe in Brussels.

There is no migrant crisis in the V4 nations because they took the necessary “preventive action” to control events, instead of allowing the actions of others to control them. The V4 and others took matters into their own hands and acted in the best interests of their people.  All Europeans have benefited from their resolve and strength – including Germany and Greece.  Viktor Orban and the nation states get things done, while the leaders of the EU endlessly pontificate about false values.  Europe’s culture, hopes, and dreams lay in the hands of the nation states, not the EU. The future leaders of Europe will emerge from the East, not from a dying West.