Denmark says NO to EU migrant quotas.

Denmark says NO to EU migrant quotas.

Denmark says NO to EU migrant quotas.

According to Breitbart, Danish Immigration and Integration Minister Inger Støjberg, whom the V4 Report has featured in the past, has rejected EU migrant quotas for 2018, saying that migrants do not contribute enough to Denmark.

Støjberg, who was once surrounded and almost attacked at a migrant deportation center, is refreshing and quite direct when discussing migration. She obviously does not read from the EU handbook of politically-correct slogans.

– When it was revealed that migrants were vastly overrepresented as perpetrators in rape cases, Støjberg commented: “It’s something we’ve seen through many years that crime rates are much higher in immigrant circles than they are among Danes.”

“In my opinion, it is because we have been too scared to set out clear demands to the people coming to Denmark. We have not dared to say that we expect and demand that they provide for themselves and their families and that we expect them to adjust to Danish values,” she added.

“Although we have gained significantly better control over the influx, we are still in the position that we are struggling to integrate the many refugees who have come to Denmark in recent years.”

“Despite the fact that more refugees have come to work, there are still too many who do not support themselves. This applies especially to women, where too few contribute. That is why I have decided that Denmark should not take quota refugees in 2018,” Støjberg added, according to Jyllands-Posten.

* We cannot claim that Denmark is as strong as the V4 nations regarding migration, but neither do they blindly follow the demands of Brussels.

While Emmanuel Macron of France has urged the Danes to embrace multicult, the Danes appear skeptical, realizing that the integration of recent Muslim migrants into its society is failing.

We have always respected Støjberg and believe she has the right instincts. However, while it’s wise to reject new migrants, the V4 Report would also prefer to see more efforts directed towards the implementation of a permanent and ongoing mechanism to deport the migrants outside of Europe.

Anything less is insufficient and would ultimately only encourage more migration.