V4 Report: France receives a ‘historic’ number of asylum requests

V4 Report:  France receives a ‘historic’ number of asylum requests

V4 Report: Despite Macron’s pledge to cut migration, France receives a ‘historic’ number of asylum requests, increasing by 17% to more than 100,000. We are sure the media’s “new hope” has plans for the rest of Europe, especially Visegrad.

Albanian migrants were the biggest single group of asylum applicants followed by Afghans and Haitians. We believe the increase confirms that migrants have targeted France as a state with rich benefits and easy rules, although they still trail Germany by a wide margin.

Albanians are the largest group applying for asylum in France, however the acceptance rate was just 6.5 percent and most face deportation. The problem for France and Europe is the reluctance and lack of will to deport the migrants from “outside of Europe” (Africa, Middle East, etc).

Afghans made up the second biggest group of asylum seekers with nearly 6,000 applications, followed by migrants from Haiti, Sudan and Guyana. There has also been a steep rise in asylum claims lodged by migrants from French-speaking west Africa, namely Ivory Coast and DR Congo.

** Emmanuel Macron will be leading the efforts to establish mandatory migrant quotas and to expand the number of migrants to be directly transferred and resettled into Europe. The EU wants to “commit” Europe to mass migration and to eventually establish an “EU-wide” migration policy to override the policies of the nation states.

It’s up to the leaders of Visegrad and the CEE states to reject and repudiate the type of multicult environment that has nourished the Islamic extremism and “No Go Zones” that dominate many parts of Western Europe today.