Donald Tusk to ask EU leaders to declare mandatory refugee quotas ‘ineffective’.

Donald Tusk to ask EU leaders to declare mandatory refugee quotas ‘ineffective’.

* Donald Tusk to ask EU leaders to declare mandatory refugee quotas ‘ineffective’. Tusk’s note effectively asks EU leaders to declare the Commission’s policy on relocation quotas a failure.

More vindication for Viktor Orban and Visegrad. Even Tusk is starting to grasp reality. The EU relocation scheme has been a disaster for all. We believe the tide is turning.

** Tusk added that “only member states are able to tackle the migration crisis effectively” while the EU’s role is “to offer its full support in all possible ways to help member states.”

Tusk wrote that “the issue of mandatory quotas has proven to be highly divisive and the approach has turned out to be ineffective.”

According to, Tusk’s stance is a rebuke of the European Commission, which introduced a mandatory relocation scheme for 160,000 migrants. The EU program was met with stiff resistance and failed miserably, managing to relocate just 30,000 (19%) of those targeted.

*** The V4 Report always believed that the battle over relocation quotas was the key and a fight Visegrad had to win.

In March 2016, we wrote: “EU migrant quotas: the Battle for the Soul of Europe. The V4 must continue their defiance; they have no other choice. The V4 showed courage in defying Angela Merkel’s reckless policy, and their solutions are what is needed for a Continent in Chaos. They must continue to draw a line over migrant quotas; for once started they will never end.”

**** Obviously, there is still much work to be done, but this is positive and a major step forward. Once again, other nation states have benefited from the the actions of Visegrad. We think it’s time for others, especially in central-eastern Europe, to start showing more support for Visegrad. They can start by opposing EUCOs attempt to sue Hungary, Poland and Czech Republic over the migrant quotas.

Interesting enough, Brussels is trying to sanction Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland for their defiance over the forced quotas from the past program. Why? We believe they are trying to make some sort of symbolic statement that they are still the ultimate power in Europe, not the nation states.

Deep down, they know it was Viktor Orban and Visegrad who prevailed on quotas. Look for Brussels to be even more aggressive in trying to isolate Poland and Hungary in the future. They know the clout of Visegrad is growing and they will resort to desperate measures to eliminate any perceived threat to their power. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

Onward V4! Stay strong and united. Next…