Draft program aims for better integration of the refugees

Draft program aims for better integration of the refugees

Greece: Draft program aims for better integration. 😂

The most advanced integration plans will not work if the new arrivals do not want to integrate or embrace the culture.

There is no EU state with a large Muslim minority that has been successful with integration. It’s just not happening.

Hungary has a common sense, two-step plan that actually works and protects the culture: a) do not grant entry and return illegals back across the border. b) prevent support systems that help facilitate mass migration from developing inside the country.

A new national plan for migration and refugee integration has been drafted in response to growing needs, according to Deputy Minister of Migration Policy Sofia Voultepsi.

Growing needs? One guesses the illegals are here to say.

“Our priority is the social integration of refugees and migrants and social cohesion,” she stressed Tuesday.

If one has to beg the illegals to embrace the culture, then it’s a pretty good indicator that they probably do not belong in Europe.