Dublin and more German games.

Dublin and more German games.

Dublin and more German games.


Germany likes to define EU solidarity based on its own interests.  How many times has its leadership ignored, restarted and suspended Dublin to suit its needs?


The V4 Report has no problem at all (we agree with this) with nation states deciding what is best for their national interests.  In fact, this is one of our cornerstones.  However, Germany is hypocritical when it criticizes and slanders Poland and Hungary for deciding what is best for their national interests.


And notice how Germany seeks to send back illegals to other EU states after Merkel clearly lured (by words and actions) the migrants to Germany.  


We can do it?  Not really. 😬


In this scenario, they are clearly illegal immigrants who do not belong in the EU.  Germany needs to atone for its reckless actions regarding the crisis by deporting the migrants out of Europe, instead of shuffling illegals around the EU.


– Thousands of migrants are suing the German authorities for suspending the time limit to return asylum seekers to the country where they first entered the EU during the coronavirus crisis. Without the suspension, over 2,500 illegals would have remained in Germany instead of being sent back to countries like Greece or Italy.


The European regulation known as Dublin III is used to determine which EU country is responsible for processing an asylum seeker’s claim – generally, this is the country where the migrant first entered the EU. However asylum seekers can no longer be sent back once they have spent six months elsewhere.


* Germany and Seehofer know full well that returns inside of the EU will do nothing to solve the crisis they largely created. The government should have the decency to deport the illegals back to their countries of origin, instead of burdening others…again.


In our opinion, the governments of Greece, Italy, Austria, etc., should refuse Germany’s request.  Let Seehofer and Merkel take them to an EU Court, where it could take years to decide.  These are not refugees but illegal aliens who crossed multiple safe states..and they do not belong anywhere in EU.