Dundalk attacks: Ireland confirms terror ‘is a line of inquiry’

Dundalk attacks: Ireland confirms terror ‘is a line of inquiry’

* Ireland ??. Dundalk attacks: Gardai confirm terror ‘is a line of inquiry’. An 18-year-old Egyptian man is being questioned on suspicion of murder following the incidents in Dundalk which left a young Japanese man dead, and two young Irishmen injured.

Among the lines being investigated is that the young man had recently been refused asylum in the UK – but is unclear how he may have subsequently entered Ireland or travelled to Dundalk.

At a press conference this afternoon, Chief Superintendent Christy Mangan officially confirmed that terrorism is one line of inquiry into three separate attacks which occurred within less than 60 minutes around 9am today.

“A terror attack is a line of inquiry, it’s certainly a line that we would look at,” he said.

“We’re very interested to know why was he in Dundalk, why would he come here, what’s the reason, what’s the connection,” he added.

** Europe, among other things, must focus on these “unaccompanied”, aggressive young males. Why are they permitted to roam Europe? As we have seen, this is a recipe for disaster. Perhaps, this demographic group poses the greatest threat to Europe, not only for today, but for the future as well. Most at this age are immature, violent and vulnerable targets for radicalization.

We will have more on this issue of “unaccompanied” teen migrants (or adults posing as minors) in the next few days. This is a special problem and we have touched on it before, but relocation to Europe for this demographic group is the worst possible solution for all.

The political correct madness of Berlin and Brussels must be challenged and repudiated.This