Emmanuel Macron’s Delusions of Grandeur.

Emmanuel Macron’s Delusions of Grandeur.

Emmanuel Macron’s Delusions of Grandeur.

The French President hopes to establish a “progressive arc” of nations supporting his vision of a globalised EU superstate, one with greater powers over the nation states.

Macron, who wants to punish Visegrád for refusing to accept illegal migrants, called the EU a “collective project”…but his words seem to indicate that Berlin and Paris will dictate the terms of this “project”.

“Countries that refuse to extend Frontex or solidarity will leave Schengen. Countries that do not want a stronger Europe will no longer have access to structural funds,” said the wannabe EU dictator.

Macron, along with Angela Merkel and Jean-Claude Juncker, are strong advocates of expanding the powers of the Frontex Union Coast Guard and Border Guards. Apparently, Macron does not believe others have a say in the matter and expects others to blindly submit to his demands.

However, the proposal has been vehemently criticized in recent days by countries such as Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Many do not understand the rationale of expanding the scope of an EU Institution that does not secure the border and transferred 38,000 illegal migrants to Europe last year. This does not strike us as an agency that secures the border. How can the staff at Frontex be called “border guards”, when they do not deny entry or deport the migrants back to Africa?

Some, including the V4 Report, believe that Frontex will become just another EU tool to try to commit Europe to mass migration by changing the “method of transfer” to turn illegal migration into legal migration. For example, Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babiš said this week that “we do not need Frontex at all”.

Babis may be correct. What will this expanded mission entail? Some, like Hungary, believe Frontex will be used to interfere with its own policies and border security. Why else would the pro-migration zealot and EU Migrant Minister, Dimitris Avramopoulos (who would lead this agency), be such a strong advocate of expanding the power and scope of Frontex?

Does one really believe that Avramopoulos would advocate sealing the borders or deporting the migrants back to Africa? More likely, Avramopoulos envisions using Frontex as an instrument to achieve his goal of committing Europe to mass migration.

Shamelessly, Macron even played the worn-out and widely debunked EU “structural funds” card. Macron reached for the bottom with his claims that the V4 states alone are benefiting from EU funds, conveniently omitting that the profits of Western companies in Central Europe do not stay in Central Europe.

As the Visegrad Post eloquently detailed a few days ago, “These European funds do not go into the pockets of Central Europeans; it is mainly Western companies that benefit from it.”

While we expect this type of cheap, misleading propaganda and economic ignorance from radical members of the EU Parliament, we were even somewhat surprised that Macron would sink to their levels. This is “bottom-shelf” demagoguery.

Macron also wants to exclude those nations that refuse the EU migrant quotas from Schengen. “In Europe it is not possible to choose from the menu just what suits us, it is a collective project,” he said.

As usual Macron, in his zeal to win applause from Brussels and the media, has it backwards. The most important item on the menu is to secure the external borders by denying entry. This is a basic requirement; illegal migrants cannot be allowed to just roam Europe at their leisure. Without this solidarity at the border, Schengen is simply not possible and will eventually implode.

The countries of Spain and Greece cannot just “opt-out” of border security and then expect others to take the migrants they unilaterally decided to grant entry to. Instead, they must take the responsibility to protect all Europeans by sealing the borders.

Greece and Spain seem to believe it’s their border when granting entry, but the EU border when deciding how to distribute the migrants. This is not the way solidarity works.

While the V4 nations do not have the direct power to force these countries to act responsibly at the border, they also are under no obligation to have their national security priorities compromised by negligent decisions made in Greece or Spain.

The governments of Spain and Greece cannot continue to “wave-through” unknown, aggressive male migrants from cultures prone to violence and regions containing Islamic jihadists to others in Europe. This is not responsible, nor is it a show of solidarity, especially when they are putting all at risk.

If anyone needs “kicked-out” of Schengen, it is Greece and Spain, whose leaders continue to expose all in Europe with their negligence at the border.

Hungary’s Viktor Orban and Italy’s Matteo Salvini, both targets of Macron, are the one’s protecting the borders and making Europe stronger. They are protecting all of Europe, while Macron cannot even control his own streets in France, which carries the distinction of being the EU country with the largest number of “home-grown” Islamic jihadists.

Macron, full of delusions of grandeur, thinks he can impose his vision of a globalist, socially liberal EU superstate, which revolves around secular “human rights”, on Europe. Few outside of Brussels have any interest in this debacle.

After the elections of 2019, Macron will find himself irrelevant…sharing the same fate as others who have tried to challenge Viktor Orban and Visegrad.