EPP clash: Orban vs Tusk.

EPP clash:  Orban vs Tusk.

EPP clash: Orban vs Tusk.

The drama continues…we don’t see the point.

Since our beginning, the V4 Report never embraced the EPP Party, nor do we think it is capable of delivering the positive change needed inside the EU. After all, it has been the majority party for some time now and the current direction and agenda of Brussels does not bring us confidence or optimism. The era of Kohl is over.

The election of Donald Tusk as EPP leader has only strengthened our negative opinion. Tusk is ‘bottom-shelf’ and wants to expel Fidesz from the EPP, but for now this silly status of “suspension” remains. 🙄

– But Tusk could not hide his bitterness. When Orban flew to Rome to take part in a conference with national conservatives, including former interior minister Mattheo Salvini and the leader of Fratelli d’Italia Giorgia Meloni, Tusk said the EPP had no objection to Orban’s visit, adding it was symbolic that he is at a “nationalist meeting with far-right political parties during the EPP Political Assembly.” (Tusk failed to mention the far-left Greens, Socialists and ex-communists his party allied with during the last election.)

The EPP has refused to work with Salvini, the PiS and others from the right and centre-right, choosing instead to break bread with the far-left Greens, Socialists and Guy Verhofstadt’s EU federalists. This reveals much about Tusk and the EPP.

Last month Orban said he was “one centimetre” from leaving the faction after a resolution on the Article 7 procedure against Poland and Hungary was approved by a two-thirds majority in the European Parliament on January 15.

Two-thirds of the EPP also voted against Hungary, which was interpreted by Hungarian officials and Orban himself as a betrayal.

On the other hand, Meloni said she would be delighted if the Hungarian ruling party were to join the European Conservatives and Reformists (ECR) faction.

* Stay tuned but we do not see how Fidesz can remain with the EPP, obviously the situation is dysfunctional and even embarrassing. We feel Orban is one of the few that could unite the right, while siphoning off some of his more reliable allies from the EPP.

In our opinion, the EPP is dead weight and one of the parties striving to federalize the EU, while attacking the integrity of the nation state. It’s purpose is to prevent a legitimate force on the right from emerging.

It’s time to move on.