EPP Group slanders Hungary as its leader Donald Tusk says the Nazi’s Chief lawyer would be proud of Viktor Orban.

EPP Group slanders Hungary as its leader Donald Tusk says the Nazi’s Chief lawyer would be proud of Viktor Orban.

EPP Group slanders Hungary as its leader Donald Tusk says the Nazi’s Chief lawyer would be proud of Viktor Orban.

Hungarians freely voted for Orban in record numbers on many occasions; thus, Tusk is also directly attacking the integrity of the Hungarian people. The EPP must ask its leader to apologize to both Orban and Hungary.

Tusk has issues, but like many EU snots, he is a fanatic regarding EU federalism. Tusk, like many inside the EPP these days, has attacked the integrity of European nation states and is obsessed with slandering democratically elected leaders (see also PiS of Poland) who challenge his theology. The EPP itself is entering dangerous territory as it finds itself forming coalitions with Greens, socialists and Verhofstadt liberals in the EU Parliament, while it refuses to work with mass migration opponents such as The League or Vox.

One difference speaks volumes. While Orban is easily re-elected by his own people, Tusk could not even stand for election in this year’s presidential race in Poland because Poles have rejected him and everything he represents.

Instead, Tusk – always the phony – ran back to Brussels and the EPP, which he will now use as a base to conduct political attacks against Orban and the PiS. Anne Applebaum would be proud of the little charlatan named Donald Tusk.

This entire EPP-Fidesz drama is starting to get boring. The dynamics are clear and neither the EPP or Orban is changing. Just get on with the split.

– A reporter asked Tusk if he considered Hungary a democracy. That’s an interesting question for a former clerk of Juncker, who may define democracy by the outcome (not the actual process) of an election. 🤨

Tusk, who wants all to accept the Groupthink of unelected opportunists in Brussels, replied that Orbán had been using emergency means since the beginning of the migrant crisis, and was using people’s fears – whether it was about migration or the virus – to build his own power.

“We have seen many times in history that politicians use laws to extend their power. This may be familiar in Germany. I am sure Carl Schmitt would be very proud of Viktor Orbán,” said Tusk, who is probably more familiar with Germany than Poland.

To interpret Tusk’s words, it is important to know that Carl Schmitt was a member of the National Socialist Party, and also actively helped establish the legitimacy of the Nazi regime. In 1934, about the takeover, he explained that the leader (Führer) was the basis of law. He called the anti-Semitic Nuremberg Laws the “Constitution of Freedom.” Schmitt remained a member of the Nazi party until 1945, the end of the war.

* Today, it is the right and Fidesz that must embrace change in order to move forward. The EPP is an obstacle to freedom and the sovereignty of the nation state.

The PiS, Meloni, Vox, etc are calling on Orban to join its ranks of national conservatives. Not only would this be a major blow to the EPP, but it would represent a victory for the ECR Group and would provide them much needed energy to revive the defenders of the nation state in Europe.

Dump Berlin’s EPP…others will soon follow. Onwards!

Well, it’s official: The EPP Party’s new leader is Donald Tusk.