EPP leader Manfred Weber says Macron’s En Marche “will be a partner of EPP.”

EPP leader Manfred Weber says Macron’s En Marche “will be a partner of EPP.”

EPP leader Manfred Weber says Macron’s En Marche “will be a partner of EPP.”

Meanwhile, Weber has laid down his demands for Viktor Orban’s party to remain in the EPP.

For years, the V4 Report has warned of Manfred Weber and the EPP. Today, the masks 🎭 have been discarded.

* The arrival of Macron’s En Marche into the EU Parliament will finally strengthen the central political landscape, no matter which faction it will join, Manfred Weber, European People’s Party (EPP) Spitzenkandidat for the EU elections told EURACTIV.cz in an interview.

He added that En Marche was strongly pro-EU and that’s why “wherever it arrives, it will be a partner for us because we want a stronger EU, too.” A stronger Europe is only possible with clear pro-European parties, whether it is Social, Liberal, Greens or the EPP. That is the area where I look for readiness of cooperation and to work together.”

Notice who Weber looks to cooperate with…Socialists, Liberals (ALDE) and Greens. No mention of Matteo Salvini, the PiS (Poland) or FPO (Austria).

So much for “conservatism” or membership to a majority party if one has to bow to Socialists and Greens. We see where Weber and the EPP are headed…definitely in the wrong direction.

* Weber on Orban. In an interview with Bild, Weber said he wanted to make one last attempt to keep the Hungarian premier in his EU party family.

“Victor Orban must immediately and permanently end his government’s anti-Brussels campaigns,” Weber was quoted as saying, adding that Orban needed to apologise to other EPP member parties and ensure the existence of the Central European University in Budapest.

We find this quite pathetic. However, these are the tactics that Weber has experience with in Germany. For years, Angela Merkel beat-down Weber’s CSU of Bavaria. Today, the CSU has been broken and the party has lost its identity and its Soul.

But Viktor Orban is a man of principles, determination and courage. Orban is focused and has a vision…not to mention other options, like Salvini in Italy who has made Macron irrelevant.

Orban will go his own way, just like he did in the fall of 2015. Let the EPP shoot out its own eyes.