Erdogan slams EU’s migrant support discrimination against Turkey

Erdogan slams EU’s migrant support discrimination against Turkey

Erdogan slams EU again regarding migration…actually he’s trying to shake-down weak Eurocrats again for more money.

The Daily Sabah is part of Erdogan’s propaganda machine (like Politico for EU) but they rarely get it right.
Never do they mention that part of the Merkel-Erdogan pact involved Turkey taking back “all irregulars” that entered Greece. Like Merkel and the EU, Erdogan conveniently forgot about that part.

Turkey has refused and this is not happening. Until Erdogan stops whining and Turkey takes back all illegals that entered Greece after March 2016, the EU should withhold all funds, and even sanction Turk exports to the EU, which holds great economic leverage over Erdogan but refuses to use it.

In fact, all EU foreign aid should be linked to a countries willingness to swiftly take back its citizens.

Moreover, the Daily Sabah is contradicting itself regarding the pushbacks while claiming to welcome all refugees: “Pushbacks are considered contrary to international refugee protection agreements. Under the principle of “non-refoulement,” people should not be expelled or returned to a country where their life and safety are threatened due to their race, religion, nationality, or being members of a social or political group.”

However, Turkey is a safe country and Erdogan has made it clear that he cherishes all the refugees. So how is pushing-back illegals (once they leave Turkey, they are illegal) to Turkey putting the migrants at risk?

The EU should end this EU membership charade as well. Turkey is not Europe and should never be permitted to join the EU.
That prospect would not end well.