EU announces funding for new refugee camps on Greek islands

EU announces funding for new refugee camps on Greek islands

Insanity in Greece: Ylva from Sweden visits to announce EU will provide €250m of funding (£213m) for five new migrant camps on the islands of Lesbos, Samos, Chios, Kos, and Leros.
She is obviously expecting more illegals; actually, she is luring more. Greece will still wake-up to the same problems tomorrow.
The EU is against denying entry or pushbacks and has negligently put its faith in Erdogan to control migration. This is madness and will ensure that Turkey will continue to hold the EU hostage.

Europe must always be the primary force behind defending its border; this cannot be outsourced to a foreign power, nor can Eurocrats from Brussels determine how one chooses to defend its territory.
Pushbacks are necessary for national security; Greece will have to choose between self-preservation or EU solidarity.

Ylva was met with protests, but the Greek government, like EU plebes, is willfully cooperating with the EU. Of course, the ruling party is part of Angela Merkel’s EPP Party.
Greece should say no to Ylva from Sweden and EU plans for migrant camps, but the government continues to roll-over to the demands of Brussels. They can’t even deport properly, except to other countries in Europe.

The EU is focused on ripping out Europe’s soul and wiping out its identity. Brussels and everything it stands for is a stain on Europe.
At least some are resisting. Kostas Moutzouris, the northern Aegean’s regional governor, told the Guardian he had canceled his meeting with Johansson during her visit. “We don’t want the money for new camps – we want it for what we suffered all these years but not to build a new campus,” he said.

Ylva from Sweden said there should be “quick and fair” asylum processes, and that the EU was calling on Turkey to resume accepting migrants from Greece.
Resume? What is she talking about? Why continue with this worn-out propaganda? There were never any meaningful returns to Turkey even before COVID. It has been overwhelmingly one-way traffic.

The Greeks do not want this. Why has the government not defended its own people instead of allowing some unelected buffoon from Sweden to kick sand in its face?
This visit was shameless and the EPP government in Greece should be embarrassed.
The EU will not change. No amount of euros is worth the price of losing one’s soul…but everyone seems resigned to placing their faith in Brussels.

Good luck…choices have consequences.